Welcome to my home on the Interwebs where I witter on about my hobby: World of Warcraft.


I’ve been blogging about Warcraft since 2008, with the first iteration of this Blog coming into being on Google’s Blogger platform in February 2009. On April 16th, 2016 I transferred to a WordPress-based system, mostly to allow better design and customisation. On March 12th, 2018, I took the decision to stop telling people I’m a Warcraft blogger and became a writer who enjoys playing this game instead. It’s been quite good to me during that time, as my stats from the old Blogger site attest:


The numbers have never really mattered, as it transpires. Now, I’m happy to do my own form of casual gameplay, known as #WarcraftFaffing.

4 thoughts on “Read This First

  1. What a fine site you have here :) Looking forward to dive in! Oh the overview of your transmogs are great too – I discovered a few of them not working though, really wanted to check out all of them :)


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