Today I’m going to try Withered Training for the first time, but before I do, I’d like a quiet word in the shell-like of the Kirin Tor. Whoever’s doing the scouting of unusual Ley Phenomena needs to extend their range a bit. In fact, if truth be told, I’ll hope in 7.1 or beyond there’ll be more than the three ‘World’ quests currently available for the faction.

Capitalisation aside, I shouldn’t be complaining. I get to choose the faction I can favour as a reward, PLUS goodies chest AND Artefact power. Really, what is the problem here, Alt? Well, playing as I am outdoors on 10-15 FPS in high traffic areas, steering a Mount or solving an ‘Enigma’ I can’t actually see or follow well in murky water? This is probably easy peasy for all of you on mega awesome rigs or possessing brains that can memorise patterns really fast, but because I can do/have neither of these? Bit of a problem. Even the Flight Balls thing is a tad tricky when your spacial awareness isn’t 100%. I appreciate that ActiBlizz is going for the ‘different’ here (a la Ogrila in TBC or the Gold runs in Pandaria) but not so hard that people will just not bother. Having said that, I’m no fan of any of these when the mechanics aren’t 100% solid (many of the Mana Runs I have to guess direction because  I can’t see new patches spawning) but I hardly enjoyed the ‘Simon’ puzzles and had to write them down to progress. Now I have squared paper by my PC and as the Enigma puzzles draw out? I repeat them in front of me to work back from.

All this for a computer game I ASK YOU.


I have been trying to work out what I’d pick as ‘alternatives’ to these quests, and I think we couldn’t go far wrong with a ‘we need to take Ley readings from various places on the Isles, go measure in these places’ travel quest. It might also be nice to have an Arcanometer that ‘charges’ via other World Quests, so if you do all 4 of someone else’s, that’s 50% towards the total. Maybe we could have something that isn’t purely puzzle based for those of us incapable of doing these things, and therefore Devs could humour us that you’re clearly better at it than we are. If all else fails, you could stick in a jumping puzzle and watch me lose the plot and flip my keyboard n total frustration. Don’t make me tell you about that three hours in Blackfathom Deeps back in Vanilla. I like you too much for that.


There’s one other option I like the idea of: maybe a quest line in 7.2 to obtain a map of ‘Notable Arcane Hotspots’ across the Islands and every day you get things to uncover as the energy rises and falls. Maybe one day it is a chest that is only visible if you collect the right gemstones to stare through (making arcane goggles) or perhaps the local Murlocs have the half a dozen shards of an ancient crystal needed to reflect light. You could reuse the ley lines ‘focussing’ system. There are lots of possibilities. If we could just have some new puzzles?

That would be ace, ta.

7 thoughts on “High Flying, Adored

  1. I would love some other options to the Enigma puzzle. I spent quite a bit of time alone one evening with camera pointed straight down repeating over and over the patterns as they popped up. I managed to finish it one time. And won’t try ever again. And that is with FPS rates in the 60-70 range. It is still murky to see. The other version out in Valshara is at least on the grass so a touch easier to see, but no less frustrating. The Lay Lines race, I usually pause for about 10-15 seconds prior to racing down a road. I have found that if you head out immediately some of the points have not had a chance to spawn yet, so you can quickly find yourself wondering which way you should have gone. Usually there are two directions you can go. I have even gone one way to grab one, then done a turn about to head the other way. Bubbles? yeah, I can do them, my wife has trouble. But grouped together? Only one person needs to complete for credit.

    I have not even checked, is there an achievement for completing so many points in the race?


  2. I’ve not experienced any of these issues. My rig is not a beast – its a laptop that I bought during cataclysm. I may benefit from a less than crowded server, but frame rates are 20s-early 30s for these quests.

    The bubbles bothered me first time I did them and there is one that just seems broken and success is a little random – but I may not be looking at that one right – tie end point is under a bridge above a water fall.

    I often play the game with a pad of paper for many reasons and quite like the fact that I need to – I remember when multi-player roleplaying games could only be played with paper (and dice).

    The ‘race’ – I do that very slowly, often have to stop and hunt around a bit to pick up the trail – seems to work, unless I am missing something.

    So I quite enjoy the change of style/pace the Kirin Tor quests present. Plus if I have more than one set of emissary quests on the go, I’m sure the Kirin Tor quests count for the zone they are in too. So I always try to save the Warden and Kirin Tor quests up until I have three to do to get some benefit from this.

    But I can completely see how my view may be very different to other people’s. And at least it is not a faction in its own right.

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    • Yeah, you can say that it’s the redeeming factor – Kirin Tor is different, yes, but is also optional (maybe they could remove them from the Emissary rotation and instead give them a daily reward of their own). Personally, I have no problems with any of the quests. Ley Race was a tad frustrating in the beginning, but then I figured I’ll use the left mouse button to look around while riding forward, and in the end, after 1-2 attempts I just memorised the routes. I cheese on the bubble a little bit, I admit, being a DH and all xD


  3. I’m mostly bothered that they’re The Toy Faction. Whatever quest design breaks immersion gets assigned to this faction. The second most annoying thing is that after two of those quests I already know the general patterns to walk (just miss them by a square here and there). But sadly, doing the same flying puzzle twice is pointless which probably would be a case against puzzles in MMOs. Repeatability seems to be an important feat for any MMO content. Adding a couple more quest types in would help a great deal and I’d welcome even more experimental quest design. Being bad at them is just my problem.


  4. I actually love the Kirin Tor dailies and wish they’d pop up a bit more often. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment lol
    But getting to do the ley race is pretty fun, even if it just if for running around on the pink panther.
    And the puzzles.. I’m sure if I had an audience when I play… they’d be amused by my frantic chants of 2, 2, 5, 1 as I memorize how many squares I need to move for each design


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