My most famous Mog. YES REALLY.

This Mog made my name, believe it or not. Conceived in the last days before Pandaria, it was for a while my most read post on the Blog, thanks to the now-defunct WHU Portal. This one kind of debunks the theory that too many textures can make your mog messy and unsatisfactory, and it reiterates my belief that there should be more single-colour pieces available for all players to use. It’s also impossible to reproduce because the key signature item is no longer in game (the bracers aren’t either but that’s hardly a setback.) Black trousers are a thing of infinite beauty, and were WELL WORTH the three weeks I spent farming from them in the old-style Scholomance. The colour allows me to go to town on the blue shading, and it even detracts that the goggles for this getup are actually green. However, the best thing about this entire ensemble? Possibly the most attractive in game gun ever designed in almost a decade.

Utterly beautiful.

The Nesingwary 4000‘s a craftable too, and was one of the few rare occasions a weapon has formed the basis of an entire mog. Blue’s not the easiest of colours to grab items for either, though the Nexus-Strider set the boots are taken from’s a good place for some inspiration. Again we’re looking at crafted items as key features, and with the Shoulders for this there could be a level of difficulty involved as Blue Dragons don’t actually exist in game any more. However you can get scales dropping from UBRS, but how long that lasts may well be finite, depending on what happens with the upcoming instance revamp. Then all you need is a Leatherworker with the recipe. Easy game. Remember, mogging is serious business

Almost too much, but not quite.

The Defender Gauntlets are the other useful blue mail set I pillaged to produce this mog: the cloak was a late addition to proceedings and is possibly one of the nicest looking cloaks in game just in terms of length. I can see it only taking something fairly spectacular for this look to ever get replaced, such is my love for this look. This character has, as a result, become known as the Mogging Hunter. Every so often, you do summat brilliant and want to show it to everyone. I think, with the Druid mog you got earlier, these are two of the best efforts I’ve ever made in playing dress up. I also reckon this one especially will be hard to beat.


Full list of Transmog Items as follows:

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