On a Budget? HO YUS.

Mogging does not need to be a hugely time-consuming process, and it certainly does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. I feel that many people are initially overwhelmed by the concept, often because they don’t want to gather their own items and can’t afford the prices many BoE sets are sold for on their Auction House. The thing is, if you want a set for a sub-60, it does not have to be restricted by your cashflow. Rather than deliberately grinding for items it is possible to out together some pretty decent outfits with often the minimum of effort or outlay. This outfit here, for instance? Less than 500g from my server.

Pick colours to use as linking themes between pieces.

The key, at least in my mind, to a successful outfit is using a relatively small palette of key colours or textures. In this green-based ensemble, for instance, there is some purple, brown and gold, but they are accents and not the overriding focus. I try to pick accents out from multiple pieces and repeat them: for instance, the mail in the shoulders links to the legs, the banding of the gloves sits with the waist. Remember that Dungeon Finder ‘Useful Goods’ bags drop potential mogging items, which are reasonably easy to obtain if you’re levelling. There is also the very rich vein of Quest Reward sets, which were completely redesigned in Cataclysm, most of which work well with the BoE drops in this level range. If you’d like a visual representation of what each set offers, check out this archive post from Wow Insider. Most significantly of all, they’re FREE and collectable solo whilst you level.

Not too much clutter and sympathetic textures.

I used my hunter’s hair colour as the basis for this outfit, I’ll freely admit, and the gun (which is at level for her currently) gave me the gold/yellow accent that I then repeated across the rest of the pieces. The chestpiece is one that would show my midriff were it not for the Bold Yellow Shirt that I’ve utilised for the purple vertical stripe to help tie in elements from both gun, legs and boots. If you don’t have shirts as a default part of your Mogging wardrobe you really should, because many have great details and accents that can change the more scanty items into something completely different. I am aware some of you like your midriff (P had hers on show for half an expansion) but sometimes it is nice to have the choice.

Engineering Glasses. They’re the BEST.

Full List of Transmog Items as Follows:

Headgear is often a major stumbling block for my mogs, which is why that hat for P was such a gift. Having most of my Hunters as Engineers means that there’s a lovely range of glasses available for them in a decent range of colours which will sit happily as an accompaniment. Please note that because C is 52 those are actually a Leather item she’s wearing: there is a comparable item from Engineering, the Truesight Ice Blinders, but she’ll need Engineering at 400 to make them and L72 to wear them :P This means as soon as I get an upgrade hat, we’ll be hiding our helm for a while :D

PS: This character still has her Carrot on a Stick. SO EPIC.

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