Have Goat, will Travel…

The last of the farming for my new Mog was concluded this week. and so it seems the right moment to undertake the transformation and go from Pandaria to Draenor, even if we have as yet no idea when that Expansion will arrive. What I do know is that I’ll have a new Dwarf model to look at, with distinct fingers and facial features, and the new mog has been fashioned to take advantage of these changes. My face is uncovered for the first time in over a year, and I’ve missed P in the flesh. It is good to have her back.

A lot of décolletage. Not suitable for melee combat ^^

One of the reasons why this outfit appealed (and is quite similar to one I wore pre-Pandaria for a mogging contest) is that there is no obvious belt ‘visible.’ Of course it is there, but it pretty much vanishes into the lower half of P’s body, and gives the chest/legs the impression of being a seamless mail unit. The boots are a fairly sizable crafting undertaking from TBC yet are a remarkably good fit for the rest of the outfit, which actually includes items from every current Expansion. The mail shoulders are a drop from Thorim in Ulduar, and served as the initial inspiration to construct this ensemble. I like the use of earth tones which compliment P’s eye colour, and give a robust yet attractive overall combination of mail pieces. I also think this particularly suits her frame type: nothing is too squashed or elongated, there is good overall definition on all the particular pieces which fit together remarkably well.

Back to a gun. I’ve missed it.

From the back it becomes apparent the armour is mostly around legs and the front of the body, which then ties in well with the cloth/mail nature of the gloves. The Gun is the only part of the Mog that may change due to it’s overtly fussy nature on my back, but there’s no doubting the colour scheme is perfect for the overall outfit. It then comes down to whether that adds or detracts from the final feel when I’m the only person who looks at my Hunter from behind. There’s also the subtle addition of the glowing scope which counterpoints the fire in the shoulders: this is is as close I think I’m prepared to run to animation on P. It doesn’t bother me on other alts but in this case, I am quite particular. I’m also really glad that gun enchants don’t have a glow of their own.

With gun out, even my cloak proc is now tolerable.

Full List of Transmog Items is as follows:

The gun fiddling will continue apace. Watch this space for potential changes.

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