A metaphor for the Campaign.

I have discussed my character mogs in passing over time, but I’ve never devoted a significant amount of time to them, mostly because it’s such a small part of what I do… except I realised a while back that’s not actually true. What my characters wear is probably more important than I was initially prepared to acknowledge. It is my way of giving life to the lives I see within each set of pixels, and nowhere is that more obvious than my Hunter. As soon as I knew the Helmet of the Shado-Pan was moggable, the die was cast. I would create a mog for P to reflect the campaign she’d undertaken, her respect of the Shado Pan and their work in Pandaria, and to show the people of that land that she was committed to protect them. By taking the distinctive signature of the Island’s sworn protectors, she also hoped to assuage some of her own guilt over what had happened in the Jade Forest, and the subsequent ransacking of the land by Garrosh. She is still not sure how well her plan succeeded, but as she packs her things to return to her home in Loch Moden she cannot escape that this land has affected her more than any other campaign she has fought in. This is armour she will carefully pack away as a necessary souvenir, the reminder of a War she should never have had to fight.

It also stands as a testament to the honour and beauty of the land she has left behind.

Just the hat is current. Everything else is the past.

From a dress point of view, these trousers are possibly the most important item I ever farmed. They are no longer available in game either (as is the case with the unique boots), which gives this outfit an aura of distinction I’m quite pleased to have. I have no doubt they’ll be used again at some point in the future, but I’m already farming an outfit to say goodbye to Pandaria and hello to Draenor. That one will uncover my face and let the new character model take front and centre stage. All I can hope is that I’ll get similar ‘specialist’ mogging items from various places in Draenor to continue my love affair with dressing up pixels. I’ve even managed to get my 13 year old son on the slippery slope to co-ordination this week. I am such a bad parent, but it does mean a lot of old instances in my future. For now there’s the little bit of work left to redress myself, about 1000 words of fiction, a commemorative picture of P in this outfit from my favourite Warcraft Fan Artist, and it is time to move on.

The beauty of a well-crafted weapon.

Full list of Transmog Items is as follows:

I always wanted the Grasp of the Fallen Emperor as the belt to accompany the gauntlets but I could never get the damn thing to drop. Maybe one day… ^^

One thought on “Vogue :: New Beginning

  1. I have always loved this outfit for P. I had to consciously and carefully think about NOT imitating it when I put together my own Hunter's Shado-Pan Helmet, particularly since I ended up using some of the same pieces.

    I look forward to seeing what P will be wearing as she heads forward (backwards? sideways?) to Draenor.


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