…I’ll be behind that tree. Shhhhhhhh!

I do love me some PvP Action.

I have neglected my PvP stuffs this expansion: Rated BG’s were a non-starter, meaning I was out in the cold with virtually no-one else in Guild taking part in any kind of biffage. There were some Arenas, but not nearly enough, and I have looked at that section of Achievements (both normal and Guild) with a resigned air. I’ll come back to it during Pandaria…

Then I made the comment on the Blog about AV and Tower Defense:

Woefully unfinished…

There is a problem with placing wishes and dreams into the public domain: people may actually come along and offer to help you make them a reality, and so it was today that a very good Twitter friend, the crafty @ErinysVictoria (go look at her Darkmoon Dolly) popped up on my Real ID with an offer: her and her partner were off to AV, would I like to come with them? I wasn’t about to turn any opportunity like this down (as it ticked both doing an outstanding Achievement and ‘talking to RealID people’ boxes on my list)  and so I hastily grabbed myself some lunch before I got myself into a 40 man frame of mind…

I should, at this point, give a bit of background history to my PvP aspirations. I began my gaming life on a PvP server, where BG’s in Vanilla was the (now infamous) Southshore/Tarran Mill ‘gambit’. I really did take part in an eight hour AV one wet Saturday afternoon, I remember my first time in Eye of the Storm, but between then and now it has been fairly variable, as GM duties (more often than not) mean biffing people is quite low on the priority list. As a Dwarf I consider AV as my spiritual home, however, and over the years I’ve tried to complete every BG achievement there I can, with the last one being the Tower Defense. As it transpires En and her partner are both missing one I already have, the capture 50 Graveyards: we all had something to aim for, and all that stood in our way was the 37 other people in our raids doing anything as a cohesive unit.

Not one of our better experiences :(

I must, at this point, say I was in the presence of two extremely competent and highly skilled players, and was in utter awe: there is something beautiful about individuals who can play so well together, something that I wish I could duplicate but know is beyond me. The top tag team of Gnome Rogue and Gnome Priest where a joy to watch and an utter pleasure to play with: our plan was simple. Start at the Snowfall GY, cap it, then go look for bunkers. My favourite moment came when a cocky Alliance Priest decided to Leap of Faith Mr Rogue away from the Snowfall flag so he could cap it himself. Little did he know that En’s Priest was nearby and did the exact same thing in return.

Needless to say, in AV the enemy is often the least of your worries :/

By the end of the afternoon I was getting back into the hang of things, had defeated some strong German teams (and had our behinds handed to us as shown by the GY Honor farm above) and had enough points to go buy an updated trinket to free me from PvP gubbins as a first start back to getting re-kitted, which I will do as I level Leatherworking in Pandaria. I am also now 34/50 Bunkers (which was an average of one per BG) for which I am eternally grateful to both En and her partner. I owe them something for this act of total awesomeness: sadly dinner is out of the question (geographically it transpires we are at opposite ends of the country) so I will have to be cunning and think of something suitable… :D I’d like to thank them both for a) asking me and b) putting up with an utter nublet who clearly needs a lot of practice but thanks to you is totally re-energised about PvP.

PvP is not something I should do when I’ve run out of other things to do, and I fully intend to change that state of affairs once Pandaria goes live… :D

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