That’s a VERY bright dagger you got there…

It’s been at least a week since I raved about how awesome Mog It is as a tool to help you dress your toons both stylishly and practically, so here I am with a picture of my White (now back to frost) Mage rocking a fabulous find: the Electrified Dagger from (of all places) the Alterac Valley Quartermaster. In Additionally Awesome News, there’s also a staff with a white glow (Crackling Staff) which I’m already mentally making a note to purchase because I’m betting I’ll need it sometime in the future…

Part of my ‘things to keep me sane’ process in the last few days has been to start picking mounts and pets that match the looks of my mogged adventurers, so that when I send them out they’ll look like someone took the time to co-ordinate them all and didn’t just throw them out of the inn with the first things they found. This is of secondary importance to many people I know, but now I have the ability to consciously coordinate my family, I find myself grasping every opportunity I find with both hands. I like the comfort this gives me, especially when in the Real World I have no access to anything as beautiful. Yes, I’m living out my Cosplay Fantasies in game because I neither have the time or money to make them a reality. There, I said it.

Druid on Bear. Insert your own caption here.

A lot of the time I’m looking at the outfits that I don’t think work and fiddling in a vain attempt to get them right. My rogue is in this place currently and, try as I might, I am yet to find an outfit that works for her. I suspect there may be a real effort to make something work over the weekend, because it bothers me that with the vast wealth of items pretty much freely available to me in game, I can’t find the right combination that suits how I see her as being. That reminds me, I have a Questionnaire on Identity in Warcraft to fill in and send back before the weekend is done…

Vanity Druid. I can’t bear to enchant the staff, it NEEDS a green glow ^^

I used to dress up my characters long before Mogging was even thought of, and I know why, it used to be my favourite thing to do as a kid, my dollies and their outfits, trying to find which ones would match best with each other. If I had the time I suspect I could waste many, many hours doing just that with my virtual dollies too, but only because I feel they’re all a little part of me when all is said and done… :D On the days when the realities of being a mum to two utterly brilliant but exhausting kids mean I can’t even remember the word for ‘trousers’ (I had to describe them game-show style, things that go on your legs but aren’t underwear) to be able to escape for a quiet twenty minutes of dress up really does have therapeutic value for my exhausted soul.

Roll on the weekend…

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