I reckon I can max out from here… :D

… time to start actually getting organised.

My Warcraft book is out in front of me. Everyone’s major professions have been maxxed for quite some time, its the secondary ones I’ll look at today. Most importantly First Aid, which when levelling can (literally) be a life saver. Normally I’d also address Cookery but Blizzard have decided to make that a lot easier for me in Pandaria so I’ll ignore the 2/12 alts not done. Its time to start counting the TB Dailies on everybody and to run everyone through Mr Robot’s newly-updated database for reforgeness. The three people still rocking low level weapons will (hopefully) benefit from Theramore’s demise next week, otherwise I might start looking at viable alternatives.

There is also the fact that I can now buy Valor items with Justice points, and a number of the alts have odd bits of low level gears which really could be replaced. Pencil and paper is standing by, and I’ll log everyone when I’m finished writing this to check what I could update to help levelling when it finally occurs. Levelling P means I’ll have leather/mail items to pass on to alts who can use them (and stuff to send for DE) so I’m tempted not to go too mad but if there’s an update one of my early levellers could benefit from, it seems like a good idea to invest…

I also have a column marked ‘Mogging’: I am going to try my very best to co-ordinate everyone with an appropriate flying mount/ground mount/vanity pet to match their Mog as it stands. Looks are important, after all, especially if wandering around a new continent trying to show the indigenous population that I’m a professional explorer. Nothing says ‘organised’ more than colour co-ordination :D On that front, I’ve renamed my first thirty vanity pets. Only another 160 odd left to do… and then there’s working out what needs to be prepared for caging and what I can now safely delete…

I can’t sit around here chatting, there is WORK TO BE DONE! If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to be productive… :D

4 thoughts on “If It’s Thursday, it must be… er…

  1. If I'm going to learn what's changed about my characters, I need to understand what stat priorities have altered. Reforging helps me understand, so I consider it part of a process that keeps me the best I can be, regardless of changes to gear. Cash cost is acceptable as a result.


  2. I wouldn't stress too much over 85s that need some gear. There will be a vendor in Pandaria that sells a full set of gear. It won't quite replace DS gear, but it's perfectly adequate.

    Now, if you actually still want to run Cata dungeons and DS, by all means, have fun. But if you're like me and sick of just about every Cata instance, the alts will be fine.


  3. I wouldn't stress about gearing up undergeared level 85's much at this point. As Tailswish said, there are vendors selling ok-ish gear in each zone.

    Moreover, if I recall correctly the first quest you do after arriving in pandaria (even before you go to the surface and meet opponents face-to-face) awards an ilvl 372 green weapon suitable for your class. And another quest, halfway through Jade Forest, awards an ilvl 404 blue weapon.


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