You know what I’m doing? Nope, neither do I… ^^

We truly have entered the arse-end of Cataclysm.

LFR is painful, in a whole different way to any point that has proceeded it. Not even loot on every boss is enough any more, because even 25 gold is ‘pointless.’ When an issue with people joining LFR this morning caused chaos I don’t think I heard one person NOT moaning about how crap the game had become. This is Wednesday morning, the time of day I could normally guarantee a fuss-free run through Dragon Soul. Not any more. Five people asked in Trade if they could Pet Battle (yes I counted them) before lunchtime and several more were annoyed Theramore wasn’t live. Again.

We still have thirteen days to go ^^

It is encouraging to see so many of my Real ID friends online in the evenings (if you’d like my ID, poke me) but I’m finding the need to be out of Trade for the sake of my own sanity: I’ve been digging a lot once I’ve sorted TB Dailies. I did a scoot around Eastern Plaguelands last night and picked up a spare Mr Grubbs (added to the pet pile) and tonight I may well wend my way down to Ferelas to see if I can get lucky with a Sprite Darter. Either that or I may fish an alt to max in the Dalaran Sewers you know, just incase ^^ I am hoping I might be able to sneak in some Guild Heroics to cap off the people who need to max 4k JP, but I have to admit I’ve pretty much given up on doing anything hugely productive. Suddenly, all I really want to do is faff.

There are things that need to be done, but most of these revolve around things that require a brain to complete, and as my brain as of right now isn’t actually talking to me after an argument that’s been running for the best part of two days… I find myself taking comfort in the stuff I can do without needing intelligence fully engaged. I apologise therefore to those people on my Real ID list (and indeed anyone in Guild) if I don’t chat much in game over the next week or so. I need to switch off for a bit, so this is me informing the world in general and you guys in particular its nothing personal, I’m just not quite here.

I’ll be back, I promise. Eventually.

One thought on “Not *Quite* Here…

  1. I'm just at the point of doing runs with the guild now tbh… that and painfully leveling the last levels of archaeology to 525… hopefully it'll be done by the end of the weekend, but we'll have to see! I'll dm you on twitter to get your Real ID so I can stalk you. Uh… I mean, befriend you. ;)
    12 days to go now!


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