I could MURDER a brew… :D

Tomorrow is the final day of the Summer Holidays for my kids, and marks the last day my son will not be a Grammar School Boy. His father is rejoicing that, for at least the next five years, he’ll be the one wearing the tie and blazer every morning and NOT his Dad. It also marks the three weeks to go mark for the Expansion, and this means it is time to shift the entire ALT: ernative Towers Organisational Behemoth into high gear. Imagine it, if you will, like an enormous MegaYak, packed with useful stuff, slowly wobbling it’s way to the 25th where its legs will give out and it’ll end up in an unsightly heap. Until that happens, it is time to make some plans.

Next week is Pet Week. That means FINALLY competing the Pet Battles Database entry and the process of beginning to find pets and co-ordinates that will be of use when the system goes live. It also will be the week where the Website itself gets some much needed organisational love, so keep an eye on things as we go to watch me try and convince you that I know my CSS from my HTML. No, I’m not buying it either. You can also expect some re-iteration of Things To Do Before the Expansion Hits, and more than likely some pointers to how other people are preparing for the inevitable.

The week after is going to be Toon Preparation Week, as I finally commit to who is going out to bat first in my levelling A Team (Murdock is DEFINITELY in) and we get them fit and healthy for the fight that lies ahead of them. The final week of course co-incides with the release of the ‘Attack on Theramore’ Scenario so I suspect by that point it’ll be just blind panic liberally sprinkled with repeated runs through that until my eyes bleed AND I have all the loot I want, whichever comes first.

Needless to say, this is the most motivated and excited I’ve been about an Expansion since Vanilla turned into TBC and I realised the potential beyond L60. Frankly, the 25th cannot come soon enough! For now however, if you will excuse me, there an enormous bucket of tea with my name on it after a PARTICULARLY exhausting RL Day… :D

One thought on “A Woman After my Own Heart…

  1. I was racing a Horde to 85 to complete AoT, but on hearing it will be available at L90, I might wait. The fact that it isn't go away makes me think that “For Thermamore” might become an Alliance rallying call.

    On the subject of ties, 30s club membership is the ultimate target, although that requires either head-boy, or exemplary libarian or concert performler standard.


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