Sometimes, writing it down makes it easier to cope with.

It is taking time, but I am finally getting my head around what I’ve been given by the Pet Battle Gods.

At first the list of over 400 pets was, quite frankly, a bit much to cope with. Once I’d had a bit of time to sit and think, it occurred to me I needed a visual representation of what I had to consider, and so for the last hour I’ve written down every spare pet I’d have once I slim down my collection in Pandaria. This list represents my ‘stockpile’, I suppose, most of it unintentional over seven years of collecting. What it makes me realise is that there will be a vast ‘range’ of pets available once the Battle System goes live, and by that I mean distinct differences between pets purchasable on vendors or farmable in the wild, and pets ‘caged’ and sold by people like me.

As it stands we’ll have the following:

  • BoE Vendor Pets (e.g., Calico Cat, Red Moth)
  • ‘Caged’ Versions of the same pets.
  • BoE Reputation Pets (Sporebat)
  • ‘Caged’ (and presumably reputation-free) Versions of the same pets.
  • Festival Pets
  • ‘Caged’ Versions of the same pets.
  • World Drop Pets…

… you can see where I’m going by now. Yes, many of these pets will, over time, sell for coppers (I am sure) but in the first weeks of the expansion… anything in a cage is probably going to attract some interest. That could mean this list is worthwhile making if only to know what pets I should shift early and which should be laid down and allowed to mature…

There has been a lot of speculation as to the value of ‘Rare’ pets: you can find my list from Beta here but there is a decent chance this list will change when we get to Live, and currently there is no real indicator of what will get the Blue rating. Looking at my personal list, I’d identify the following pets as potentially decent sellers:

  • Giant Sewer Rat (for the time it takes to fish)
  • Strand Crawler (fishing dailies that not everyone cares to do)
  • Bananas (CCG pet, don’t ask why I have 2)
  • Chuck (and indeed his compatriots from the ‘Crocolisks in the City’ quest)

These guys I think, considering how random they are to obtain on a regular basis, are going to sell because they are so damn rare to begin with, and started their lives Soulbound. The overriding advantage of this entire system with the cages is the ability to make something only you can pick up available to the entire population of your server with just two clicks, and as a result you shouldn’t underestimate the value of anything obtained via those means. The lower tier of this are pets in the Darkmoon Family and anything obtained via a Festival, where time grinding is required to produce a result. However, with many pets freely available and bind-free, the difference between a caged version and a non-caged version is likely to be negligible. This is where, in a years time, I can see people simply playing pet battles to max level these non-wild pets so they can be AH-d for profit. It won’t happen initially I think because the majority of people will want to keep their own pets in the first instance, but once you have your achievements… let’s see if I’m right in a year from now :P

There are also other pets on my ‘Rare’ list that will truly deserve the tag, and are cageable:

  • Mr Grubbs
  • Tiny Shale Spider
  • Baradin Fox Kit

The Fox Kit has become purchasable for 200 Baradin’s Wardens tokens, so if you have an alt with a bunch it might well be worth your while grinding the dailies up to snag one. Mr Grubbs is a drop from having completed all the quests in EPL so if you haven’t done the quests in that area again, might be worth a trip out before the Expansion. The Shale spider drops if you kill Jadefang in Deepholm: I’ll direct you to the excellent WoW Rare Spawns site by Euphyley for that one, but with a 6-12 hour spawn window this one might also be worth a serious punt.

However, I will make one more point here: don’t learn your pets if you get them, keep them in your bags for now. This is just to be careful, in case Blizzard decide to reduce the number of pets you can hold at one time come the Expansion. It’s not that i don’t trust Blizzard, you understand, its just that I just like to be careful. When the one eyed man is king, it can give you a false sense of perspective to begin with, and you can never be too careful when it comes down to pixels…

7 thoughts on “In the Kingdom of the Blind…

  1. Great post! I'd like to point something out however, I think that with the exception of the vendor pets all pet prices will go up. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the pets we have now are classified as rare while the new wild pets are left as common.

    I especially think any random drop pets or achievement pets are going to be rare as well.


  2. took me a month to get the tiny shale spider. I used the instructions to have the Underground economy quest in my log and checked in that area every so often for the rare spawn. Didn't even have to run into the area. just flying over the tunnel will tell you whether it's there or not (using silverdragon).

    Great post here.


  3. FYI, Mr. Grubbs is not as simple as completing the zone. You only have to do a handful of quests in order to first open up Fiona's caravan, and then kill mobs in the zone with her Lucky Charm buff enabled. (Don't remember if you HAVE to kill grubworms, but they're the easiest to farm anyway.) It's a doubly random drop for you to get the pet…chance you'll be a bonus bag drop, and chance it'll contain the pet. Meaning that pet should be quite valuable. (Also because its backflips are surprisingly adorable!)


  4. Great stuff. I love your pet information so much. But I had to comment on this post for one reason and one reason only… I have pretty handwriting, but I am so jealous of how beautiful your script is. I'm glad the art of actually using pen and paper isn't completely lost yet.


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