Yes, you’re reading that right.

Sometimes it pays to keep your eyes open.

About 10 minutes ago I saw a hunter with an odd pet in SW. ‘Hmm,’ I thought, ‘that shouldn’t be happening until Pandaria.’ Curious, I took myself to Zangermarsh sharpish and yes, what I saw was true.

You can tame Water Striders as of right now. That’s Boglash, there.

Why on earth would I want a water strider, you ask? They look so flimsy! I’m not going to fight with it, silly, I’m going to fish with it… :D

I will NEVER need a Potion of Water Walking EVER again… :D I’m also kinda glad that BM’s being more and more useful every single day I’m specced into it :D

The Exotic Buff for this pet is actually pretty special, especially for a 5 man Group:

BRB, off to see if The Black Stalker is tameable in the Underbog… [UPDATE: Yes, yes it is :D]

4 thoughts on “Pet Taming News Update!

  1. I am so going to go get that when I get home from work. Have to respec beastmstery for it now but at least respecing is super easy now being there is no such thing as a spec any more.

    Thanks for letting us know. Lets hope they do not patch it before I get there to get it.


  2. I have been wondering why this change got under the radar at first; being able to tame those zangarmarsh striders (and basilisks as well, btw) has been a common request for years. And that they were about to be released was clear, based on the Beta realms. Admittedly, you don't see that many of them there, but my beta hunter has made good use of that water walking buff while leveling fishing.

    Sending one of my BM hunters to zangarmarsh was one of the first things I did after logging in in the new patch yesterday evening :) And thanks to the vanity pet account-wide sharing I can walk “Legs” alongside it…


  3. Grabbed the Black Strider from the underbog last night. Pretty looking strider if you ask me.

    It is funny how they swim, they walk under water even. For the moment at least I have a new favorite.


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