Click for bigness. Expect an LFR Loot Post later :D

Its neither big nor that clever, but this what I’ll be staring at across my family come Pandaria.

It is not in all honesty that much different from my old interface, except everything has been shifted further to the edges of the screen. I like to have Raid Frames active regardless of whether I’m healing or dps-ing and ever since Blizzard introduced their own I’ve used them to cut down on the nimber of addons I am dependant on. Bartender 4 forms the basis of the UI ‘buttons’: mounts, professions and foodstuffs to the left, macros on their own bar to the right. My bags are hidden under Blizzard’s Loot window because, quite frankly, I won’t need to click on the loot until it arrives in my bags anyway. I’m using a default version of Sexymap to minimise the clutter and Recount/Omen sit up at the top left for ease of access.

My concession to gubbins comes with Titan, which I’ve reduced from two bars to the single transparent one at the top of the screen. Once Glamour is updated (assuming it is) that will find a spot in here but that’s it, really. I don’t want too much stuff around and as I fight new bosses I need to see as much of the action as possible. I’m quite pleased with this and although I suspect there will be tweaking, this is pretty good and I’m comfortable with the way it plays, especially in the chaos that is LFR…

[EDIT: as someone has asked, let me break the layout down a bit further.

This took me a couple of hours peace and quiet this morning to visualise, and involves the following top-quality addons (all current)

Shadowed Unit Frames
Bartender 4
Omen 3
Tom Tom

It is using Fontain to change the default Blizzard font (not current but not causing any LUA errors) and Norganna’s Slidebar. Raid interface is Blizzard’s own.]

3 thoughts on “A New Start :D

  1. Many questions:

    How long did it take you to rework your UI?
    I'm thinking of an addon spring clean too.
    Do you have a list of addons in your new setup?
    Do you use this across all your toons?




  2. Wow, you are lucky looking at that DPS. In most runs I am in if there are two or three people not counting me over 20K I am happy. You had huge numbers in your group compared to the ones I have seen.

    Maybe I have bad luck or something.

    Nice looking screen setup. I need to do a remake myself. Getting tired of my old one and starting to go blind in my old age so no more tiny everything for me. lol


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