I am SURE this wasn’t here on Tuesday…

I’d like to apologise to everybody for yesterday.

It has been a while since my brain experienced that level of information overload: I am reminded of the days after the first TBC changes came through and I wandered about aimlessly for the best part of a week. Waking up this morning I’ve decided the best plan of action, before I throw myself into anything else, is to clean up my act. Therefore, we’re going to start again from scratch.

There’s enough interface elements now current and operable for me to rebuild a new UI, enough elements broken or not doing what I want to make the cleanup a worthwhile exercise. After that, I will be rebooting all my resource trackers and ‘starting from 0’ (as far as that will be possible) New pages again will be filled in my various paper reference books, and we will start making some proper plans for what happens in Pandaria. I still have the list of inks I’ll need to make the outstanding Hunter glyphs, after that it is the rest of my classes to do and then…. clean slate.

I have various ‘things’ after that which need to be addresses, and with no pre-Expansion event happening to worry about this time around, I’ll have plenty of time to get myself ship-shape before the Expansion arrives. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

3 thoughts on “A Clean Slate.

  1. The only pre expansion event I know is the week battle for theramore. I haven't heard if there will be any type of achieve of goodies for doing it at 85 but it's on my to do list.


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