Inside my head RIGHT NOW.

The last time I felt like this, unsurprisingly, was the week before The Sundering.

My brane is well aware of everything that needs to happen in all walks of my life, both Real and Virtual, but is not playing nice. It thinks its the dps’ job to gather the bloods so it can tank them, yet it’s just standing there, tanking badly. It is EXPECTING me to bring the blood to it so it can die without the need to drag Abominations about. There are clearly massive communication issues at play here, and if this persists I will be the one to die first because I am squishy and don’t have plate to hide in.

This is not an optimal state of affairs, let me be honest.

My normal recourse in such situations is to get the notebook out, tear out all the old planning pages and make new ones, but even this last night caused a massive headache. Instead I decided that by far the best approach to the entire sorry situation was, in fact, to turn my brane off completely and go do some dungeons. This was exactly the Right Thing To Do (TM) and today I have become hugely productive as a result, proving a point (if I needed it) that being TOO organised is often as bad in its own way as not doing any. When your body tells you something, it is a good idea to listen.

This means, at least running up to 5.0.4 I will not get too stressed about anything at all if I can avoid it. I want to know where I stand with pets and can do nothing until the patch. I would like some idea of specs for levellers: other people are very kindly posting guides and I am making quiet notes. Everything else can wait: I will grind out my (three) hunter’s herbs tonight and tomorrow, then start on the others and if it doesn’t get done… well, I have a month after that, and new pages in my notebook to fill. I am doing myself no favours by letting history repeat itself. It is time to learn from the past and from my own shortcomings.

I am hoping that, by doing this, the creative part of my brane will still be talking to me after that horrendous wipe we the day before yesterday and understand that I need to be able to have good ideas more often than I am right now. Lying dead and refusing to take the rez IS NOT HELPING ANYONE, creativity. I know it makes you feel better, but sometimes it is not just about what YOU want… ^^

These artistic types, honesty ^^

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