This pile is not big enough. Yours will need to be larger…

A week from today, wherever you are in the World of Warcraft, AOE Looting will be yours.


To celebrate this fact, ALT: ernative Towers will be running a VERY SPECIAL CONTEST. A HONKING HUGE PILES OF SPARKLY LOOT Contest, if you will. So clear out your bags, brush up on your pulling technique (please, don’t go there) and stand by for action!

The Objective? We want to see your piles. We’d like screenshots of your AoE Looting adventures, please, the bigger the better, and we’d like to be able to share them with the world at large (and the readership of this blog in general) We’re giving you some notice of this for a couple of reasons, mostly because you may wish to spend some time thinking about exactly WHERE you are going to go loot. We’ve also given some thought as to how you can loot, and as a result we’ve got three categories you can aim to participate in, as follows:

Part the First: Most Gold Looted in one click from a 5 Man Instance.

We’re excluding raid instances for obvious reasons, but they will still be eligible for Part the Third below. For this category, we’re asking for the most gold pulled BY A SINGLE PLAYER from a five man instance (no help please, one person’s efforts only!) You’ll need to provide a screenshot including both a) the huge pile of mobs you are looting and b) the amount of gold they yield. Please note only 5 man instances are eligible in this category and NOT Raid instances.

Part the Second: The Biggest Pile of Mobs EVAH.

We’ve decided that counting actual mobs will be nigh on impossible, so we’re going to have to go on looks rather than actual hard numbers. We’re asking you to submit screenies of the biggest piles of mobs you can make, sparkling in anticipation of AWESOME AOE LOOTAGE. You can do this anywhere: raid, 5 mans, outside world… your choice!

Part the Third: Most Artistic Piles of Mobs in Azeroth.

Here’s one for the Paladins: we like things to look neat, after all. We’re looking for the most artistic piles to win this category. This doesn’t just include the mob placement, location and background are just as important to us. Imagine your mobs as characters in an artistic canvas of LOOTING GOODNESS…

If you win, you’ll be awarded with a lovingly-crafted Trophy to show to your friends!

Trophy may appear MOAR AWESOME in reality :D

Obviously, AOE looting isn’t with us yet, it arrives in the US on the 28th and here in Europe on the 29th. As you’ll have important things to do when the patch first hits we’re going to give you some time to organise them first: The contest will open August 30th and will then close on Wednesday, September 5th (at midnight BST) After that, the winners will be announced on Friday, September 7th.

Please send your Screenies to the following address:

Here come the Actual Rules: Concentrate!

  1. This is a solo farming endeavour: please respect the contest rules by NOT doing this with others. If we suspect your piles may be artificially inflated by outside help, we reserve the right to exclude you from the contest.
  2. If submitting an entry for Part the First, please ensure your screenie includes your loot window with the amount looted clearly visible.
  3. Please ensure you provide a valid e-mail address with your entry as it will be used to contact you in the event you win.
  4. By entering the contest you allow us permission to use your screenshot on the site, submitted as is.
  5. No amendments or photo-shopping of screenshots is permissible in any way, with the exception of blanking out your character names and chat windows. We will be studying hard, and if we suspect this has taken place, we reserve the right to exclude you from the contest.

We’re giving you a deliberate head start on this Contest, so you have some time to think about how you want to loot or where might be the best place to go to maximise your returns… oh and don’t forget to clear your bags beforehand!

6 thoughts on “CONTEST TIME! :: To the Looter, the AOE Spoils!

  1. You won't be looting that much money from dungeons. Blizzard has come out and said that they are decreasing the amount of gold that drops in 5 mans for this very reason. Sad but true.


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