Me and some sword. No watery bints, honest.

In a week’s time, the Hunter Buffstick will be no more :(

The enormity of this Pandarian change is only just beginning to sink in. NO MORE MELEE WEAPONS FOR HUNTERS. No need to annoy druids by rolling on polearms or staffs. Rogues get to keep daggers and axes and, after seven years, I only have a ranged weapon for company.


This is a big deal folks. No really, it is! I’ve grown up with Dual Wield! I remember the joy of finally owning a matching pair of weapons (ZG 20, eyethankyew) when buffsticks WEREN’T EVEN INVENTED ^^ In fact, the earliest screenshot I can unearth of P (March 21st, 2009) has her rocking twin daggers:

Agility enchants, we salute you :D

Wrath was the expansion that bought the buffstick front and centre, relegating dual wielding to levellers and Not!Hunters, and by the time the Argent Tournament was released I’d dumped the two handed approach altogether:

Me and some other blokes. They seem quite important. He has a buffstick too!

I really miss the days of dual wield, if I’m honest. I loved so much in Vanilla that if I ended up in melee range I’d transform into a whirling dervish of blades… then I learnt that Hunters didn’t do as much damage that way. If I wanted to hit stuff close up I needed a Rogue or a Warrior. Shaman weren’t even invented for Alliance back then… ^^ As time went on I realised the significance the buffstick bought to the table… and somehow they stopped being cool on my back, they just became a part of my gearing regime… and I suspect this was the point that buffsticks were only cool if they had an awesome proc.

Mog Hunter with BlueGlowyProcStic

When the gimmick on a stick makes it as desirable as the stick itself, it cannot be long before a change comes. I should have seen the writing on the wall far sooner…

As of next week there’ll be no more Giant Hunters (TM) in 5 mans and raids. Once the buffstick goes you’ll just have your gun/bow/crossbow for company. You won’t melee ANYTHING, you’re going to shoot it, and this may come as a shock to quite a few people. You’ve all met a melee hunter in dungeons in your time: once upon a time it was because they forgot to buy bullets/arrows. Then it was because their weapon was broken. Not any more: the comfort of steel or stick is about to be cruelly wrenched from your tightly grasped hands and you will NEVER get it back.


Just think about that for a moment, fellow Hunters, and take a moment today to think back on those EPIC WEAPONS of your past. Go raid your screenshots folder and find your favourite, stare at it lovingly (or post it in your own blog!) and take a moment to mourn the passing of something significant.

I, for one, am already quite emotional about the whole thing.


7 thoughts on “The Passing of the Buffstick…

  1. *Chuckle*
    It does suck a bit that my Hunter won't be able to use her old-ZG polearm any more, but it does make me feel better not having to deal with, “Zomg Hunter that's not for you! You need ranged weapons!” But.. but.. buffstick! :'(


  2. I won't miss them too terribly. One of the first things I'm going to do when I log in after 5.0 is vendor all of my stat sticks. I'll probably take a screenshot of my favorites, but I never did get really attached to any of them. I had the one from the original ZG before The Shattering, and Kiril from DS, and the heroic version of Malevolence. But overall, I'll be relieved to free up the bank and void storage space, and display my ranged weapon proudly on my back. I've been more of a collector of bows than polearms/staves anyway. The only melee weapon I'll be holding onto is Thunderfury because, well, it's Thunderfury. ;)


  3. I don't like it. I didn't like it when dual wielding became useless. I didn't like it when they became stat-sticks. I always thought that a hunter would carry a dagger, or maybe two. I just can't see a hunter stalking her prey, with a big old massive staff or pole-arm strapped to her back. :(



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