I’ve realised that I owe quite a debt of gratitude to the many people whose blogs I read on the subject of In-Game Farming, hence why this series is extending into the week as I work out who else I have to thank. Today’s nod is twofold: I give thanks both to @TheOvercut (whose website is here) and @NevAHAddict (whose site is here) I took two key pieces of information from them over the process of a couple of weeks, and in the intervening period they have combined into one of my most enjoyable areas of farming. In fact, so much do I enjoy this that it has become a part of my weekly routine. It involves a spot in the Swamp of Sorrows, and a recipe from a vendor you only used to be able to see with a quest item from Scholomance.

This transmute is sold by Magnus Frostwake. Go find him today.

I have three Alchemists, and (up until a couple of months ago) I wasn’t using their transmutes economically. I saw @TheOvercut mention on Twitter (via someone else’s podcast as I recall) he’d heard this transmute was now freely available and worth investigating. Frostwake lives in the Blacksmiths at Scholomance, and up until Cataclysm was only visible to anyone who possessed a Spectral Essence (go look it up and marvel at how complicated completing Scholomance USED to be) The recipe is BoP, but it was simple to get all the Alchemists up there to collect it. This might seem a bit excessive for a Vanilla mat, but I know only too well how much Essence of Air is worth, as I’ve been farming it regularly for some time. At the heart of Vanilla agility enchants that work on Heirlooms it is a constant seller, and any way to make extra is always welcomed. After this, all I needed was a reliable source of water. @NevAHAddict supplied that for me and much more besides.

You are Here. Bring a Miner.

This area in the Swamp of Sorrows is where Nev sent her readers for Globe of Water, which is a very decent seller due to its inclusion in several Engineering pet recipes. Elementals loot tables changed significantly after Cataclysm: these mobs can drop the highest level essence possible for its level, for instance, but also lower level essences to boot. Therefore, Purespring Elementals can drop EITHER Elemental Water (base level) Globe of Water (secondary) and Essence of Water. Add to this an area where Thorium is plentiful and it makes perfect sense on a Monday to send my Shaman out with empty bags and one job: to gather 21 Essence of Water for a ‘week’s worth of transmutation.

He’s looking at me funny, you know…

This ‘circuit’ has many, many benefits. With the exception of the Elemental Water, EVERYTHING SELLS. Thorium & Arcane Crystals either sell separately or make Arcane Bars (as they aren’t on an Alchemy CD) Globes sell, consistently, and the Essences go in the pile for distribution to the three Alchemists. I’ve gone up a level as well, and have translated the farm into Nagrand, where I can fish Motes of Water and kill Elementals on the Plateau and use Primal Water to transmute into Primal Air when supply is limited. That however isn’t a simple recipe purchase and only works for one of my three, so for now I feel this is a great way to increase the range of my transmuters.

Those two tips alone from my Twitter feed were great separately, but combined they have given me a really enjoyable way of farming and making cash. Never underestimate the ability to multitask, to mix and match ideas to fit your own farming style. If you enjoy what you’re doing you’re more likely to make more profit, after all :D

One thought on “Farming Today: The Benefits of Multitasking (Part Three)

  1. So glad you found my post useful :) The other side benefit of Swamp of Sorrows for me is the change of scenery to run around the watery area at the top in the hope of picking up the Disgusting Oozeling pet for selling later :)


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