It’s a mount! No, I’M a mount!

Just when I’d forgotten all about it, my RaF Mount appeared. This is significant because a) we’re into a whole new group of tens and b) its a two person flyer. However this one isn’t a sharer, but I suspect that even considering that it will get some use come Expansion Time (TM)

Most importantly of all however it gives me an idea of what the Jewelcrafting mounts are based on. If I didn’t already know that they were going to be insanely popular, I do now.

As an aside, one of the two friends I invited back to the game from Holland also gifted me a Spectral Mount. I already have this Alliance side, so I decided it would be a plan not to duplicate it on anyone else… so decided to chuck it at the Horde Hunter. I think this looks even better than the Gryphon:

So good, you can hardly see it…

The pictures really don’t do it justice: it looks fabulous. Another reason (if I needed it) to have people on both side of the faction fence…

2 thoughts on “#140

  1. Mrs. Amateur got a RaF mount and gave it to her Nelf Hunter, despite my protests that the Horde one just looked nicer. Glad to see I'm not alone in that theory.

    Now, the last thing I saw was that PvP mounts and class specific mounts were the only things that aren't going account-wide. So what's the scoop on the RaF mount and such (as it seems you might know better than I)?


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