I forget sometimes there is more to life than simply gathering…

Yesterday I gathered the herbs to make the Glyphs both my Druids needed to complete their sets, whilst setting up a list for the three not totally-glyphed Hunters. I also spent more than my normally-allotted time on Twitter, where (amongst other things) I was educated by the wise and clearly more enlightened @wenchmagnet (find his website here) on something that, now I have investigated it further, is a thing of UTTER BEAUTY. Although it probably does not count itself (technically) as farming, it has been a very useful way of me taking a lot of stuff that was just lying around on alts doing 4/5ths of bugger all and, very effectively, turning it into cash and raw materials I can use to make more money come Pandaria.

At it’s core is the use of Elementium, Obsidium and Pyrite Ore, which is very cheap right now on my server, so at least for the time leading up to Pandaria it has some merit. The entire ‘principle’ has its own webpage to boot. Go check it out for yourself.

My immediate interest for this wasn’t in prospecting ore, far from it. It was the fact I’ve prospected a lot of ore in the last couple of months simply for red gems and I kept all the remains in the hope it might become useful, completely failing to grasp that I could convert 80% of it into items that could then be DE’d for mats, for very little outlay. In the end, yesterday afternoon, I made 110 items of Jewellery on the Lock Jewelcrafter, skimming off the blue quality items for AH sale. I kept all the dust and combined it with all of the cloth I’d stockpiled from farming Grisly Trophies in the last few days and have a decent addition to the Bag Stockpile. The Essences all went on the AH last night and, satisfyingly, all came back sold this morning.

The Imbued Netherweave Bag market continues to hold steady…

This left about 400 ore sitting across various alts: gathered from Darkmoon Crates, from Tiny Treasure Chests, simply gathered if  I was on the way to Silithus or stockpiling the TB Dailies. There were stacks of bars too, and after about ten minutes of faffing I gathered enough mats to make up 14 sets of Stormforged Shoulders:

Blue items. Cost to me = 0g :D

One of my overriding concerns with the lack of action in dungeons dropping blue items was getting raw materials to help my Enchanters get a five point head start once Pandaria hits. With the L25 Guild Perks I’m lucky to have these 14 shoulders equated to 16 shards, so that’s one (hopefully) five point enchant for both ladies come the Expansion. This makes me very happy, as it is a key piece of faffing I was able to complete without the need for spending any money at all.

I’m not committed enough to ever make this kind of wonderfully planned ‘shuffle’ into a full time job (and as @wenchmagnet pointed out yesterday via Twitter I doubt this late in the Expansion its a good idea anyway), but knowing it exists does open a new avenue for me. At some point in Pandaria someone is going to work out a similar equation for the raw materials available. When they do, I hope they are generous enough to share it with the rest of us poor saps. I’m never surprised that even after seven years there are things about this game that I don’t know, or that when I’m told about them I go slackjawed with wonder.

The wise woman never thinks they know all there is to know, and learns at every possible opportunity. Every day really is a School Day.

One thought on “Farming Today: Learning a New Kind of Shuffle (Part 2)

  1. I swear I hadn't read this when I posted my little JC adventure this morning. Seems different servers yield similar results.

    Though, I should push harder to make some money. I just keep thinking I have more than enough for the start of Mists and will be able to bang out a fair bit more when it does hit.


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