Farming in Three Dimensions. May cause headaches.

Over the next few days I will be giving props, snacks and NUFF RESPECT to the people whose Gold Making blogs I read and without whom I would be considerably poorer than I am now. The Gold Blog Industry’s a pretty cut-throat place, it often appears to me. I’ll freely admit there are some elements of it that I don’t really ‘get’ either, but when it comes down to face to the keyboard farms, I AM SO THERE.

This morning’s farm comes courtesy of the fabulous Khalior (and their site, Khalior’s Tentacular Junkpile) (find them @Khalior on Twitter) who used an area in Vashj’ir to help their Guild complete the ‘Skinnin’ for a Livin’ achievement) If you want to know where this is, I’m making you go visit the site (and saying nothing more here) but needless to say, with the obligatory Potion of Treasure Finding applied, it is a fine spot to spend sixty minutes of prime grinding time.

Many items: LONG screenshot! Plus Runes for next month’s Faire :p

One hour’s grinding yielded the following:

  • 84g in grey trash (which in itself makes this farm fairly awesome)
  • 23 lockboxes. The key here is the respawn rate, pure and simple, which means you’re killing a lot more mobs who, in turn, have a chance to drop boxes. This fact alone will mean this place will be where I do all the Skinner’s Grisly Trophies for the Faire, or infact where any skinner goes if I want to use a potion before Pandaria.
  • 10 Strangely Bloated Stomachs: this is something of a revelation. Normally never get nearly as many doing max level mob farming. This is added awesome for Dreamcloth CD’s :D
  • 56 Deepsea Scale. I was looking for a place to farm scale, as I suspect it will be a good moneymaker both leading up to the Expansion and subsequently. This place is fabulous!
  • 195 Savage Leather. KER-CHING!
  • 3 Savage Leather Scraps ^^
  • 36 Murglesnout
  • 11 Fathom Eel
  • 20 Deepsea Sagefish
  • 5 Algaefin Rockfish: all of which have value as either AH sales for those people levelling cookery (who don’t know much about it come Pandaria) or grinding food for my family.
  • 4 greens (of which two will sell on AH, others to DE)

Opening the boxes and the stomachs yielded the following:

  • One additional green saleable item
  • Volatiles: 8 life, 19 fire, 6 air, 7 water, 4 earth
  • 96 cloth
  • 11 elementium and 5 pyrite ore
  • 1 elementium lockbox (inside which 26g and 2 saleable greens)
  • 63 gold

I’m very happy with that haul, as my plan was just to see how many mobs I could do in an hour. In terms of simply leather this should be a hugely profitable circuit, now we have to send everything to the AH and see what we get…

Thanks go to Khalior for the tip, even if 3D farming does give me a headache!

2 thoughts on “Farming Today: Learning from My Peers (Part 1)

  1. Glad my post was helpful! ^_^
    This late in the game and with people going to rush through Mists, this will be a spot to remember!
    No one's there, even during server prime times.
    So it's smooth, calm, non-stop farming! :)


  2. Every morning since you are the top of my blogroll I read your blog with coffee on the iPad. Since I'm unable to type intelligently on that thing I never say hi.

    But today, I remembered to come back and thank you for Khalior's post. I am armed with potions of treasure finding and off to grind my way to great riches!


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