P’s Leatherworking Bag is (almost) sorted :D

Part of my personal Preparation for Pandaria involves stocking to begin levelling professions without needing to actually be in the starting area. I know this won’t be the most efficient levelling approach, but I also know there will be some items I’d like to have standing by without having to a) having to grind any mats and b) resorting to the AH (which I’ve done in the past). Even these ‘obsolete’ enhancements will cost extra come the Expansion, so it makes sense to have some made and stored in my Vanity Bank: so much the better if they can earn me some skill points in the process. I am focussing with P on the Dragonscale Leg Armor, as I have (potentially) three hunters who will have use of them as stand alone items. P herself will learn her soulbound patches, which this time around will scale in power as her skill increases. For everyone else…

I’ve given up trying to skin Pristine Hide from any mob (the last one I saw was probably about six weeks ago) so instead I’ve been using 10 Heavy Savage Leather to trade for one Hide from the Leatherworking Supplier in Old Town Stormwind. I’ll probably do a quick circuit of the Twilight Highlands today for one last stack of Dragonscale (with L25 Guild Perks it doesn’t take long at all to gather twenty) and then I think I can tick P off this portion of the To Do List.

I may (if time permits) try and fill in a few recipe holes: P still needs a couple of Armour Patches from heroic mobs in the Outlands, for instance: though I think the missing recipes from the Sunwell may well remain so for some time…

One thought on “Prep Time : Leatherworking

  1. Leatherworking, to me, is the most painful profession to level. I finally got it to 515 on my shaman and I think I spent about 4K gold on mats alone to get there from 425.

    It is a good idea to store the enchants/mats, they'll be very useful in the early days of Mists.


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