When I was a Lass, we took Gnomeregan back… :D

As we move through August (I blame the Olympics for making it go so fast) my thoughts turn more and more to the Transitional Patch. Integral to that will be the introduction of Scenarios. Here’s Blizzard’s own definition from their web page:

Scenarios are short, instanced adventures for three players that directly follow the stories and events in the open world. In a scenario you’ll be presented with a number of goals you need to achieve in order to progress. So instead of “clear trash, kill boss, rinse, repeat”, you will be given objectives you have to complete to move the scenario’s story forward. Yes, that’s right – scenarios are heavily story-driven, much more so than dungeons.

This ‘storytelling’ will be nothing new to those of us who played in Wrath: The Battle for the Undercity I’d argue could be cited as a forerunner to the Scenario, as could both the Battle for Gnomeregan (above) and the Echo Isles that we saw in the Sundering pre-patch before Cataclysm. I have deliberately avoided ‘spoiling’ myself in the beta with any Scenarios as this is one of the new ‘fun’ features in Pandaria I’m really rather looking forward to experiencing cold.

One of my biggest issues I recall when the Battle for Gnomeregan was available was, frankly, the complete lack of anything useful as a reward for doing so, which (at least for the Gnomes I spoke to) made them feel they’d really not done that much to help liberate their homeland. This time around Scenarios promise ‘Valor points as well as random loot bags containing rare quality items.’ A quick poke into Wowhead’s MoP database finds iLevel 372 greens, some decent looking iLevel 384 headgear and (most importantly for my family) some proper Epic weaponry. ‘d say that weapons are always an issue when it comes to gearing, mostly because you have to survive both Deathwing and the RNG for a chance at something useful. This pretty much guarantees you’ll find me running these not simply as a test of my new talent abilities…

Without getting deep into the land of Spoilers, our first scenario will centre around an Alliance stronghold. There are already many hints of what is likely to be a bloody battle for both Alliance and Horde and I look forward to completing this on both sides of the fence. As you will be able to queue for this the same way as you can for a random I also look forward to seeing how people cope with (potentially) no tank to moan at if they pull aggro and (potentially) no healer if they die. In fact, what might happen if three tanks all queue simultaneously? What about three healers?

Hopefully we won’t have too long to wait until the Transitional patch is upon us… if I were a betting woman I’d say we can expect to see the pre-Expansion shenanigans kicking off around the 21st August, just in time to co-incide with the release of another (potential) MMO heavyweight… :P

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