Someone has to be last.

After a weekend of Drama, attention now shifts to the last alt who needs to be bought to 85.

My paladin was created as a healer, a counter to my husband’s second paladin tank, both made at the end of Wrath as ‘something to do.’ Once she hit 80 she pretty much gathered dust, with no actual use to speak of. She was a gatherer, as most of my secondary alts are, but in the last six months she’s taken up both Jewelcrafting and Alchemy as a Potion Master to give me a third transmute option plus another JC transmute. I cannot face levelling her in LFG as a Healer. Therefore, last night, she became Retribution.

My gear still has holes: a couple of spirit pieces still remain, including my relic and my Heirloom cloak, but I reckon if I go do some questing I can probably fill in most of those deficiencies fairly easily. Even with only the most basic understanding of my new rotation last night I effectively doubled my dps when questing, so hopefully I can muddle my way to 85 and then consider my position. My UI needs a fairly significant overhaul, plus the hastily- created mog outfit could use some work. However, I reckon I can have her ready at max level by the end of the week.

I’d estimate I’ll have about two weeks to get the hang of this until everything changes and I have to start from scratch again….

2 thoughts on “The Paladin in the Room…

  1. “both made at the end of Cataclysm as 'something to do.'”

    End of Wrath, I think you mean!

    Speaking as someone who recently levelled a ret pally from 80 to 85, mostly through LFD, I can safely say that you can have really shonky gear and have no problems.


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