5 Rings, Worldwide Meaning.

As a parent, the last week has been rather significant.

The 2012 Olympics in London was pitched to the IOC on a platform that centred on the concept of legacy: to inspire a generation to become athletes, to compete and to continue the Spirit of the Games. Nowhere has this been more apparent in my own two children: my son has been more active than I’ve ever seen him and my daughter is actually taking interest in sports for the first time. I’m not a pushy parent, so I won’t be packing them off to take part in events for the sake of capitalising. What I do hope is they can see in my attitude and that of my husband, that competition can bring the best out in people, and it can foster a great deal of positive benefits. I’ve hugely enjoyed the last week, and have completely immersed myself in what can only be described as ‘Team GB  Fever.’

Today I realised that maybe not everyone shares my enthusiasm.

I’ve lost a number of followers on Twitter this week because of my love of the Olympics. It shouldn’t really come as a big surprise really, but it did, and it was enough to stop me from my celebration of Andy Murray’s Gold medal win in the Men’s Singles Tennis. What you like is not what others might enjoy, and assuming this is the case is a dangerous thing to do. The bigger issue is that I don’t actually want to apologise for my enthusiasm, or indeed abate it, because I can see the positive effect its having on the people around me and even my country as a whole. Of course, I am sure the people who hate all this are being sensible and just carrying on as normal, not getting swept up as I am. This reminds me of the saying I picked up from my favourite English teacher in Secondary School: every day is a school day. You never stop learning, if you’re smart.

As a result I’d like to apologise to anyone who I’ve upset with my passion, and say to those people that don’t share that feeling that I totally understand why this would be the case. However, I have an obligation: this isn’t about me, this is about the next generation I’ve created. They need to get that there are options, and possibilities, and that anything is possible with hard work and commitment. Not just in sports, but in life, and when metaphors need to be visual and easy to grasp for a seven year old the 5 Rings pretty much do the job better than anything else.

The Olympics will be over in just over a week, but the legacy they will create is likely to linger far, far longer. I’m still here, and I’m still playing games, but for now I think I have a duty to keep the Olympic Spirit burning as strongly as the flame does in the Athletics Stadium right now. I want this to be a summer to remember for my family and my kids, and so far that’s very much the way things are working out…

Normal Grumpy Service will be resumed soon :D

4 thoughts on “Every Day is a School Day…

  1. I think you should tweet whatever you want to tweet! You aren't marketing yourself as MMO-Champ's new competitor and then spamming people with pictures of shoes, you're a person with a WoW blog.

    You aren't the blog, if I'm making any sense? Anyone who has enough time to be offended by your enthusiasm for something they don't share should really just unfollow you and be done with – if they're normally a fan they can refollow after the Olympics is over.

    I hope you didn't let the grumpybags get you down! :)


  2. Aww, some people can be such killjoys. They can always unfollow you for a week or two if they don't like Olympic excitement (and they'd probably better get offline too :) ). It is really cool, especially for us Brits.

    How often do you really get an Olympics in your backyard anyhow. I'm inspired too — I'll … uh … go swimming tomorrow and see if I can swim a mile (watch out for me in that open water event in 2016 :) ).


  3. I totally agree with you about being enthusiastic and passionate about the Olympics! I've been getting a kick out of watching you tweet about it all. Such fun to see something good come out of the world and on the stage. <3 Your American Cousin


  4. Tweet more!

    The olympics have been great to watch – my 2 children have really become enthused – they fight over who is Husain Bolt when playing in the garden! Make the most of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Remind complainers that this is the doldrums of the expansion, so just be glad you're still posting when so many bloggers have fallen by the wayside.


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