After I stopped squeeing over the Silver Surfer Mount Disc of the Red Flying Cloud this morning, I stopped and read the rest of the MMO article that introduced it and realised something rather significant. We’d been told that shoulder enchants would be removed from the reputation grind, but it appears if you want to be the best you can be, there is still a grind to consider. However, it’s being given to the professions:

There’s an awful lot of significance in this little table…

What does this tell us about professions?

  • Jewelcrafters will need to grind reputation to Revered with (probably) four different factions to get the recipes needed to make the Onyx Panther
  • (Saleable) Belt Buckles are not a straight train. You’ll need a rep grind to Exalted to get them.
  • (Saleable) Spellthread requires you to at least find the Lorewalkers.

They’re going to make crafters work for their wares in this expansion, which I think is probably no bad thing…

6 thoughts on “[BETA] Reputation Matters

  1. I'm really pleased that I'll need to be a little more work on my crafting characters to be able to make usefull endgame items – however they need to keep adding recipes with new patches to make leveling your crafting valid after a month or two.


  2. I agree with Wabbage, it's pretty rubbish to be levelling Engineering at the moment and to be thinking that there's no point in crafting the 359 goggles. Updates to this would have been great.

    Happy to grind rep for recipes, if they can be bought with gold! And that mount – wow!


  3. I am completely apposed to this my crafting alts are just that alts !
    They are for the sole purpose of making in game gold for my mains.
    I do not want to have to take them out and grind period !!!
    With the way it is looking starting with the BOP spirit stuff I see more of this kinda poo poo coming.


  4. Not only that, but it means those of us without the crafting stable to produce all 'necessary' gems, enchants, and inscriptions, you will now be paying even more since the recipes are gated and supply will be more limited. If it becomes the gold grind that Cata became, I'll be gone when my annual pass is up.


  5. @Durgan: I sympathise to those people without Guilds to help them with supply or alts to 'feed' their progress. Needless to say, I think this is a good thing in the long run, because it forces everyone out to level and requires participation in game rather than sitting in a city generating gold…


  6. Well – I guess this means I need to finish leveling Archeology on my main before MoP drops as well. I tend to level, quest and run instances on all of my alts, so for me, this isn't a particularly big deal to get the rep across all of my crafting characters. And it's probably going to be a lot better on the gold making front.


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