Time for a sit in the Big Chair…

I think it is time I was honest with you guys.

I’ve changed a lot during Cataclysm: a lot of it unrelated to the game, it must be said. I’ve become more confident, I’ve lost weight, and I’ve begun to grasp that enjoying myself away from my children is not against the rules. A lot of this is due to my writing, and the freedom its given me to speak my mind. As a result, it is time to share this story.

Once the Cataclysm patch appeared it became clear to me that I was going to need some time to get used to life as a hunter without mana. I decided to work my way into the issues slowly, via the medium of completing the new quests the Sundering had brought to Azeroth and so, in the hope I’d pick things up if I started simple (and in a vain attempt to be in a zone when Deathwing flew over so I could claim ‘Stood in the Fire’) I began anew from the Dwarven Starting Area… which in turn took me first to Loch Moden, and then to the Wetlands.

One quest required me to go kill sharks in the bay by Menethil (which had once been crocodiles, as I recall) which I was very close to completing when I discovered something odd. As I skin religiously, wherever I am, I’d been happily killing the sharks and collecting medium leather until Shark #7 of 8 dropped something odd.

A Deepsea Scale.

It didn’t take long to realise the significance of this find.

A brief hunt around revealed this to be a Cataclysm skinning material (I wasn’t in beta). Further grinding began to pull Savage Leather out with the Medium and I realised, much to my amazement, I’d discovered a bug. Someone had clearly used a shark model from one of the new water zones in Cataclysm and forgotten to alter some code. I asked some guildies to come and confirm my findings and yes, sure enough, it wasn’t me. When a fellow skinner pulled out a Pristine Hide from the bodies I realised that I needed to report what I’d found. There were already people posting via Wowhead the same results, that these mobs were bugged everywhere, across all the servers. It would be only a matter of time before I woke up and found all the leather gone. Sure enough one morning, several weeks later and shortly before the game went live, everything vanished.

Well, not quite everything ^^

I’d kept my leather and the scales in my vanity bank, simply because I didn’t have space. However, there’s been a couple of extra stacks of both leather and scales, plus the two Pristine Hides I’d managed to create during my grind time, placed in a skinning bag in P’s bank. All of those remained intact. It would take until I hit 84 for me to skin another Hide, such was the drop rate nerfed. Without those ‘illicit’ Pristine Hides I’d have never made my epic gear as fast as I did without a serious injection of cash, which I didn’t have at the time.

With all the stuff I say to my kids about honesty and integrity, I was the one out there farming my wee Dwarven ass off. For weeks afterwards I was convinced I’d be banned. I even had nightmares about it. I don’t care that this is just a game, I’ve felt bad ever since this happened and it occurred to me at some point I should just come clean and admit this still makes me feel bad, after all this time. I’d like to apologise as a result, and hope that by being honest in this way I can convince other people to realise that cheats never prosper and the only way to win is fairly. If you can’t do that, there really isn’t a point in playing the game at all.

Needless to say, once the Transitional patch is live, I won’t be off looking for stuff that’s potentially broken…

4 thoughts on “Into the Confessional

  1. You did nothing wrong in my mind. You found a bug, you reported a bug, they decided not to fix it and go retrieve the stuff later and forgot to take some.

    If you had tried to profit from it I might think differently but you used it for yourself and it was stuff you would have gotten anyway when the time came, so it is really a no harm no foul thing.

    I've never had the luck of finding anything like that but you could be sure as hell if I had I would have sent it to my bank character too, for space sake. If they took it back I would not complain and if they didn't take it back I would use it with a clear conscious because I told them I had it and they didn't take it back.


  2. As I said to you at the time (ah yes, I remember it well), you'd done nothing wrong; you were going about your business, you weren't using an exploit, you were just the recipient of unintended drops. I very much suspect Blizz chose to leave you with what you had as it wasn't excessive.


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