Watching Olympic Coverage on the BBC :D

I’ve started the week a bit foggy, mostly die to a problem with my left ear which refuses to go away. Needless to say, I refuse to let this distract me from the ENORMOUS amount of work I have to do in relation to the next couple of months.  This week, therefore, is all about the details:

  • Doing Beta Work. The Tillers ‘minigame’ is now active and I really need to spend a bit of time getting my head around what happens… plus there needs to be the last push on the Minipets data entry before we lose the beta completely. Then I can start sorting out the website to accomodate the new data :D
  • Maintaining a decent cash influx for the Expansion. I applaud the growing number of people deciding to start the Expansion ‘gold-light’: it is encouraging to see people taking the reset literally. I hope I am not judged harshly as a result for holding onto my modest nest egg…
  • Continuing to clear down quests on alts and stacking dailies. I also need to address the issue of supplying alts with mats for 5-10 points on First Aid, plus making sure everyone is supplied with food etc.
  • Helping my recently-returned Dutch Guildies with their grind to 85. Good to have both of you guys back :D
  • Continuing Fishing Dailies. Also, grinding Grizzly Trophies as FAIRE IS BACK at the weekend, and there’s only two more visits before the Expansion. Good chance to stick five points on last few people needing Professions hikes. Also, PETS.
  • Considering changes to mogged outfits… like I don’t have enough to worry about… :p

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