58 days to go. Blimey :O

With absolutely no time to lose (and a list of things to do that is rapidly increasing) I have been getting down to business this weekend. It is easy to just sit and go ‘wibble’ if not properly focussed, after all. Let’s go through where we are so far:

Start with a clean slate :D

My warlock is the first of the family to start the process of ‘Daily Stacking’ building up a stack of twenty five daily quests to hand in for XP once the Expansion arrives. This meant I went through my log and cleared out all the quests still there, handing in items I’d left along the way. As this was the alt who did Netherwing Rep for the second time (before the announcement everyone would share achievements and mounts) I had a trip to Shadowmoon Valley in my roundup:

Orc in a frock. It looks GOOOOOD!

After handing in all the outstanding questage, I sent her to Tol Barad initially as it was in our hands, picking up six quests from the main area and the rest from the Peninsula. She went back yesterday and was able to pick up some additional Peninsula quests and the log is a bit less sparse:

12 down, 13 to go…

The plan will be to stack to 20, leaving space (in this case) for daily Jewelcrafting and anything from the Transition Patch until we’re about a week from launch, then she’ll be ‘topped up’ and ready to roll.

A family finally rests in peace…

P has done her time in Theramore, and the Hyal family’s untimely death at the Shady Rest Inn has been properly investigated. I remember this quest all the way back from Vanilla, when it was broken and ended unexpectedly. It was particularly satisfying to see it finally fixed when I did Loremaster for the first time, and to repeat it again for Cataclysm… well, there may have been tears for the second time. Theramore has always had a place in my heart since my earliest days in game, as I spent an enormous amount of time in the Wetlands and it was the first boat trip I ever made…

Something else to tick off my list…

P’s also working hard to help bring in raw materials for Dreamcloth cooldowns, plus cloth and greens for AH sale. I met my first bot in Deepholm yesterday for a while, and its concerning. Needless to say, I hope they won’t be there the next time I’m grinding.

Trogs Ahoy! Multishot ftw!

I’m also addressing the issue of making sure every alt is fully equipped with every learnable glyph before everything changes with the transitional patch. P was easiest to cover (only five missing) and my priest Scribe was nine short. This meant that I was out yesterday gathering herbs for restocking my ink supply:


I’ll spend today trying to get more alts glyphed completely, focussing initially on the people who’ll be going out to level first. At the same time I’ll be doing fishing dailies in both Shatt and Dalaran to pick up water walking potions for the early adopters. P is very close to finally securing her last Tournament Mount too, so once I’ve finished typing here I’ll be off up to Icecrown for another day… :D

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