Quick and cheapass graphics have made this site what it is today… :D

The party is over. The detritus is (mostly) cleared away, and if anyone still wants cake, there’s plenty over by (what remains of) the pop-up DJ booth. Yesterday was a GOOD DAY.

Today however we need to be all about business. We have sixty one days until Pandas arrive, but probably FAR LESS TIME before some fairly fundamental changes sweep through the game and alter the way you play forever. AGAIN. Fortunately I was organised enough to write a post about that on Monday so that’s one less thing I need to do this morning. I’ve also written a Guide to how to prepare for Pandaria, so you don’t have to worry about what needs doing. I will be lovely and link you all the parts via this post, so you can find them all in one place, and I’ll also be replacing the Contest Page in the next few days with this post :D In order:

This one isn’t cheapass, mostly because I didn’t make it :D

Part the First : Banks and Bags
Part the Second : Achieving the Right Frame of Mind
Part the Third : Taking a Professional Stance
Part the Fourth : Stacking your XP Deck
Part the Fifth : Pandas from Scratch
Part the Sixth : Putting Something Aside
Part the Seventh : In Conclusion…

These guides were originally written in April (oh how optimistic I was back then ^^) and therefore some details about the Beta may well have changed. Rest assured I will go back to these posts and give them a good shaking to remove any dust or incorrect stuffs in the next few days. However, as they stand they still form a pretty decent ‘plan of attack’ if you really have no idea where to start with getting organised.

Talking personally, I’m still not quite getting my head around everything that I personally want done. However today, after I’ve done the Tournament and the Fishing Quests, I’ll be completing Theramore’s questing cycle, which I consider the most pressing task on my immediate Bucket List. I’ll also be watching my server’s Auction House with interest to see if the panic dumping has begun… :D

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