In 62 days, I’ll be playing the new Blizzard expansion. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

This will be the secondary account covered too.

I have upgraded both accounts: main one has the CE (Digital) (because I’ll only need one pet and one mount for everyone YAY) and the secondary is covered by this copy. For the first time I’ll be GUARANTEED to be playing on release with whatever toon I choose to send out first.

I have never experienced Release Date Madness (TM) on the scale I did this afternoon on Twitter. I was one of the first off the blocks with a Blog post (I got there before WoW Insider did /flex) and once the news was out… frankly it all went a bit mad. What was immediately apparent was the relief that we finally have a date, and now the ability to actually plan ahead for the inevitable. The mystery of the cryptic tweets became apparent (glad to know we weren’t imagining things) and it wasn’t long before one bright spark worked out that the Pandaria Pre-Release Patch has a good chance of dropping about the same time as Guild Wars 2 is released… ^^

Now the dust has settled, I wonder just what the next seven and a bit weeks will bring. Allowing people to buy a Digital Collectors Edition is (frankly) a stroke of genius, and I suspect the take up to be fairly substantive. It has already been noted that the game’s release is about a month before the Annual Pass ‘offer’ expires: I wonder if the marketing suits have learnt their lesson or whether we are likely to be handed another ‘deal’ for the year upcoming. There’s also the issue of a lot of content still being very much in the development stage: Pet Battles are clearly still being worked on, and we’ve seen nothing thus far of the Tillers ‘Farmville’ minigame. I can’t also help but feel that Blizzard is still  deliberately keeping some cards close to their chest.

A major concern is how Brewfest fits into this picture: it starts September 20th and so will have been running for five days before the Expansion hits. Will Blizzard move the festival to accommodate the release, or will it delay the upgrading of the trinkets from Coren Direbrew? It would be fabulous if we could get the entire shebang moved forward a few weeks, especially as (has been noted already today in several places) the Pandarans like a good brew… :D

Planning will begin in earnest tomorrow. For now, I’m just glad that the waiting is over. Roll on September.

6 thoughts on “… aaaaand RELAX!

  1. I know I am going to be 90 before brewfest is over so I will get my nice trinkets on my main to start off. Sucks that my other characters will miss it however. I do hope they extend it.

    I purchased mine as well online already. Glad they have the collectors edition for digital download now. Still rather upset with the extremely late release date however. We should be playing it now. :(


  2. How far would you have to move Brewfest back though, to make it a relevant level 90 event for more than those who level quickly? If you move it too far, you impact on Hallow's End. It's meant to be a parallel to the real life Oktoberfest.

    I'd bet on there either being a level 85 only Coren Direbrew fight, or an 85-88 and 89-90 version, so that both fast and not-so-fast levellers get something.

    @GrumpyElf: 'Extremely late release'? Not as I see it. Blizz has cut the two year gap between expansions by two and a bit months, pretty good going if you ask me. Based on when the beta started, late September was where I expected it to be released.


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