I have already embarrassed myself once this year by being so way out on the Pandaria release date it wasn’t funny. I have decided therefore I cannot make it any worse than it already is. This will then be me, sticking my neck out again:


Corey Stockton’s quite a player in the MoP scheme of things. #crunchtime sounds quite significant. What if this weekend is the last weekend before the release date is set? If Blizzard decide to tell us next Tuesday, and we’re working on an eight week ‘window of opportunity’, that would mean we’d see Pandaria release September 18th. Why is this significant? Because Brewfest begins September 20th and we know that the Festival is updated to reflect the new item levels…

Right, let’s say it.

I reckon Blizzard will release Mists of Pandaria on September 18th.

Let’s see how wrong I am… :D

8 thoughts on “Soon…? [TM]

  1. All depends on how long the tunnel is that he's seeing light at the end of. :-)

    I wouldn't rely on eight weeks from announcment to release, either. Here's how long for the three previous expansions:

    TBC – 68 days (9 weeks, 5 days)
    Wrath – 59 days (8 weeks, 3 days)
    Cata – 64 days (9 weeks, 1 day).

    Eight weeks – 56 days – would seem to be too short, especially since I've read that large retailers ask for 60 days minimum for new inventory.


  2. That would be wonderful, as I'm getting married on Sep 16th… However, if I had to choose I'd go for Oct 5th, so that I have time to get my teeth work done *in another friggin' country* and come back home to enjoy MoP. ;D


  3. I'm honestly hoping for an early September release too. Work should be slowing down quite a bit and I'll have some good game time!


  4. Honestly, this is the date my guild has been working on, due to the following criteria:

    1) Before end of Q3

    2) Not September 11th (a Tuesday this year), which the Americans in my guild tell me would be horribly improper and disrespectful

    3) GW2 comes out on August 28th, so Blizzard can snap up any unhappy subscribers of GW2 with a slightly later release date

    But of course, it'll be ready “when it's ready”. ;)

    Here's hoping you're right!


  5. The 18th of Sept would be good from our point of view, a solid couple of weeks after DWCon 2012 which means I can afford to take a few days off work for that leveling goodness.


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