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I’ve been asked by a couple of people if I can provide more information on how battles actually function: the problem currently on beta is, with so many people trying to fight, things are beginning to break. The concensus is this has something to do with the phasing that takes place whenever you move into a ‘battle window’. Currently I’m suffering from the same issue most people seem to have: you begin a battle and your pets automatically die. Having tried this in a couple of zones I’d say beta has done its job and showed a major issue with the mechanic. Until Blizzard fix it, here’s what I learnt:

  • There will be a distinct advantage to levelling certain pets before others, assuming that the NPC’s you need to battle keep the same basic teams (see below)
  • It will also probably be a sensible suggestion to level one of each major pet ‘types’ so you have a range of animals with varied abilities.
  • When you capture a Wild Pet, it maintains the level with which it was capped. I am assuming this means the higher level zone you go to, the higher level the pet itself. Thanks to @Cymre on Twitter for confirming this is the case :D
  • Swapping a pet (Button 4) will forfeit your turn. However, if you have a pet on low health that might die if not swapped it is worth the loss. If you win the battle you will get XP for every pet that took part.
  • Capturing a pet also awards XP to your Battle Pets. There is no penalty therefore for not winning the fight if it is a pet you don’t have.
Passive skills are worth considering when picking your pets.
  • Certain pets will be an advantage in your team as ‘all-rounders’ Having a passive that allows the pet to come back to life, for instance, can be useful in longer fights. AoE/DoT abilities will also be useful if fighting multiple opponents in NPC battles.
  • As you capture pets in higher level areas, remember to clear any wandering mobs around you. There are also places that won’t allow battles if there is not enough room to move:
You survive, Stormwind Rat, until next time…!

Just before everything broke for me, I was about to start my second NPC trainer battle:

Is his first name Michael? Will I get a fruit bag if I beat him?

This will be my first three-pet fight, and I’m going to take a guess from the team MacDonald sends out that trainers will use pets indiginous to the area with which to battle you. Again, some knowledge will be useful here: knowing what pet types you will face will give you a chance to train appropriate opponents, to make the fights fast and ensure your victory.

Let’s hope they move fast to fix the issues on beta, as I am quite looking forward to continuing to play this ‘mini-game’… :D

3 thoughts on “[BETA] Pet Battles :: Additional Information

  1. I went to Uldum today to check out the pets and battled a L23 so it makes sense that the level of the pet increases with the area.

    I hope they fix the battle issue too very soon :P


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