When its raining outside, sand is a decent alternative…

In the first of what will be a regular series leading up to the new expansion, I will be sharing some of the places you can find me farming in across Azeroth. When I say ‘farming’ I mean just that: killing lots and lots of mobs: some for their skins, some for their drops. No fancy AH flipping or stacking here either: drops all get listed, cheapest at Auction. The object of the exercise is just to make it sell.

This week, I have been mostly playing in Silithus. A /who in the zone whenever I’ve entered has shown me as the only person there (on Alliance) which is a luxury I won’t have come Pandaria: once zones merge it will be more than likely I’ll meet one of you good people there (if you’re on the EU Realms) so I am most definitely making hay while the sun shines.

What’s On Offer?

Silithus has a number of distinctly unique advantages to its name:

  • Air and Earth Elementals on a really quick spawn timer (with added reputation)
  • Many, many skinnable mobs.
  • Humanoids (with added reputation)
  • Two instances in the zone (AQ20, AQ40) both with reputation.

Before You Begin…

Farming is only useful if a) you don’t get bored of it and b) you maximise the time you do have. I only farm in one hour bursts. Any more and I get frustrated, so it makes sense to apportion a set time to do the task and then move on to something more entertaining. I pick zones where I can maximise the materials I farm. That means taking a skinner to zones (like Silithus) with a high leather yielding population. However, with Earth elementals (and the fact that even low-level mobs can now be mined for additional materials) a Miner is a good choice or, as is my case, a miner and herbalist.

Also, remember these key points when farming like this:

  • Go with EMPTY BAGS. Why? because EVERYTHING SELLS: whether it be to a vendor or on the AH.
  • YES SELL EVERYTHING. Grey vendor trash has a value, and it all adds to your totals.
  • Run with a copy of Wowhead open: if something drops and you don’t know what it is, check it out. It could be worth a lot more than you first realise.
  • EVERYTHING HAS A VALUE. The good farmer is a knowledgeable one: learn to associate what you farm with how it sells, and to notice the high value items quickly.

What You’ll Get!

1. Rugged/Thick Leather, plus Thorium and Truesilver.

I spent a lot of time in Silithus during the end of Wrath, grinding my Brood of Nozdormo rep and completing the Sceptre of the Shifting Sands questline before key elements vanished. One of the biggest single changes in Cataclysm meant the Silithid stopped yielding insect-specific crafting mats and instead began dropping Thick and Rugged Leather instead. This means that, outside an instance, this zone becomes one of the best places to grind those two types in small areas. The respawn rate in the hives is very robust, and if you take a skinner/miner there’s a near infinite supply of Thorium/Truesilver to be had around the hives themselves. Again, respawn times are very healthy.

2. Sungrass, Mountain Silversage, Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil

If you come with a miner/herbalist or a helrbalist/skinner, there’s still a lot of useful stuff to be gathered.

3. Essence of Air/Essence of Earth.

The two static populations of Elementals to the west of the zone are where I have made the bulk of my cash in the last week. Essence of Air is a decent % drop from the Dust Stormers, and with it comes Breath of Wind and Elemental Air, which is a key constituent in the making of Truesilver Transformers for Engineers (along with Elemental Earth which drops from the Desert Rumblers)

The Transformers fit into a lot of Engi recipes (including the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti) and the Air is a key part of a number of Heirloom Enchants. Needless to say, I can’t farm these fast enough. With a miner/herbalist in this small area you’ll have full bags in well under an hour, and have the chance to pick up some Vanilla recipes which might be worth a great deal more than you realise: my highlight for this week was the Elixir of Dream Vision. It netted a cool 8000g on the AH, mid-week :D

4. The Twilight’s Hammer.

Essential if you’re wanting to farm Cenarian Circle rep pre-Pandaria, droppers of large quantities of Runecloth and Encrypted Twilight Text (which can also be turned in for rep) and basically a nice change if you’re fed up with everything else… but not that good for cash. Sadly a lot of the Windstone mechanics are broken, and the zone in this respect could really do with a freshen up. However, if you see the Twilight Prophet wandering about make sure you kill her as she’ll give extra Cenarian Circle rep and drops between 6-10 texts in one hit.

5. Rare Spawns.

If you are one of those types that likes to dabble in mogging items, the L50+ zones have a fair number of rares, guaranteed to drop a green-quality reward:

My cache list. Some clearly more rare than others…

However if you want to hunt rares for maximum profit, you’d be far better off in the Blasted Lands. This post tells you why.

6. AQ20/AQ40

The two instances are covered in great detail in many places, so I won’t bother here. Needless to say, AQ20 is on a 3 day raid timer and is a great additional source of rugged leather, and takes my hunter 30 minutes to clear. If you fancy a change of scenery (and have an enchanter who could make maximum use by DE-ing the drops) it might be worth a look.

In Conclusion.

For me, the key to Silithus’ success right now is that no-one else is there. This gives me completely unrestricted access to everything I want, at whatever time of day I have an hour window to farm in. AH sales have been strong, consistent, and often my items have sold as soon as they have listed (and no, I’m not too cheap, before you ask ^^) The only current restriction for me right now is time, and that means I’ll be happy to keep going back.

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