Mount prices are a killer…

I dreamt last night about my horse. I blame Father Ted.

When I woke up however a thought occurred to me: exactly how many mounts are available when I hit L90? More importantly, HOW MUCH IS THIS GOING TO COST ME? A quick check using Wowhead informs I can expect to pick up 26 (potential) mounts at max level in Pandaria, and that’s just for starters. I’m going to make no bones about this, a straight copy/paste (with added faff) is incoming from Wowhead’s beta site…

Dawnstone Panther
Emerald Panther
Ruby Panther

Each of these will be ‘ridiculously expensive’ When I say that, I mean that. Currently on Beta they cost 500,000g, meaning that

Jeweled Onyx Panther

is 1 MEEELION GOLD /little finger to mouth to purchase. That’s not the whole story however. Completists are going to want ALL FIVE of these mounts along the line. Yes, that’s a two million gold drop at current rates. You wonder why I’m farming until my eyes bleed… ^^

Reins of the Onyx Cloud Serpent
Reins of the Azure Cloud Serpent

Reins of the Golden Cloud Serpent
Reins of the Jade Cloud Serpent

Reins of the Crimson Cloud Serpent

Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

Reins of the Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent

Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent

Reins of the Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent

Reins of the Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent

Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent

The Cloud Serpents are being considered in this house as the equivalent of the Netherwing Dragons back in TBC: You cannot access them until L90, and you only get them after a quest chain. They appear to cost 3000g before any faction discount, so assuming that remains constant at 20% this lot will cost 2400g each to purchase. However there appear to be three ‘tiers’ of mount (Normal/Heavenly/Astral) so am wondering if the ‘normals’ are the equivalent of this expansion’s Mei Francis mounts and the Heavenlys are simply from the quest chain (still not 90 on Beta, if anyone can enlighten me please do and I’ll change this) The Astral won’t be cheap ^^

One of these is also available as a Guild reward, which I need to double check…

I’ll be provisioning 24,000g for this lot on the hunter.

Reins of the Crimson Pandaren Phoenix

10g says this is a reward for Dungeon Achievements. Lets hope I can get one without having to buy it :D

Reins of the Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger

Reins of the Red Shado-Pan Riding Tiger

Reins of the Green Shado-Pan Riding Tiger

More reputation-based gubbins, and again 3000g before discounts. I’m going to need to learn my 24 times table… ^^ 7200g for these three…

Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak

Reins of the White Riding Yak

Reins of the Blonde Riding Yak

Ah yes, the Yak. 120,000g before discount, with two little brothers at 3k each to consider… 100,800g just for these three… ^^ Suddenly my modest savings are beginning to look completely inadequate…

Reins of the Crimson Riding Crane
Reins of the Azure Riding Crane
Reins of the Golden Riding Crane

Plus three cranes to finish at 7200g in total.

That means, if my shoddy maths is anywhere near accurate, I’m going to need to have hit the gold cap twice to even consider getting this lot in my gaming lifetime: a staggering 2,139,200g. Of course all this is subject to change (especially the Panthers)  but it is a quite sobering thought, considering we’re not even done yet.

You’re going to need the equivalent of Cold Weather flying to take off in Pandaria, which is currently 2500g before discounts. Plus, if you want to grab all 12 (six for L20, 6 for L40) of the Pandaran-specific Dragon Turtles they’ll cost the same as normal ground mounts (80 silver for the lower ones, 8g for the higher ones with Exalted) which you will need to purchase them.

If you like to collect mounts and you’re hoping to start doing so when the expansion comes around, I would take a long hard look at your bank balance this morning and consider whether you are actually ready for all of this. Even with the money I have sitting in my vanity bank I’m thinking it is time for some additional farming… ^^

8 thoughts on “HOW Much…?

  1. My lovely horse running through the field,

    Where are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?

    I want to shower you with sugar lumps and ride you over fences,

    Polish your hooves every single day and send you to the horse dentist.

    My lovely horse, you're a pony no more,

    Running around with a man on your back like a train in the night, like a train in the night.


  2. Using your figures, my maths makes it 4 million just for the panthers (4x 500k = 2mill, then double that for the onyx panther as well). However, I don't expect the panthers to cost that much on live. I'd estimate them at slightly higher than the Yak so somewhere in the 130-150k area based on the prices of the Chopper and Mammoth being comparable in Wrath.


  3. I think you also need to take into consideration the absurd amount of gold the expansion is going to literally hand over via questing and whatnot.

    Like every expansion before it, the amount of gold in the game is going to jump exponentially, again. That's the purpose of things like these mounts, otherwise an Infantry Cloak is going to regularly cost 400g.

    I'm not saying your argument isn't a valid one, because it is. I just don't expect it to be AS difficult as people suspect to gather a fair number of these.


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