Welcome to my youth. Yes, it looked that bad…

In case you were not aware, crafting in Pandaria is going to be a vastly different animal to previous expansions. Levelling and selling items will no longer rely on having either an alt permanently stationed at the Auction House or the crafter themselves able to languish in the capitol city of your choice. The reason? A significant crafting material, as of now on the beta, is bind on pickup.

The basic materials…
…which combine to make this. From Wowhead.

I’m going to try and head back to the beta this week to see what the drop rates are on the motes, but Fox Van Allen in his Tailoring Preview this morning is describing them as ‘healthy’ The rate however is largely irrelevant, because unless your crafter is gathering them you can’t use them, and that is HUGE: not only in terms of those people levelling, but in what you are likely to see on the AH in those early weeks. It also means I will need to deliberately pick and choose the alts I want to level early not on ease of play, but on what professions I am likely to need most.

If Leatherworking is any indicator as to the requirement for these items to level, you’ll be able to make it to around 575 before you can start worrying. Any Epic item is going to have them as standard somewhere in the mix: as yet there is no indicator that shoulder enchants will require them but I’d not put it past Blizzard to sneak one in there. This should push more people out to the starting zones, and is likely to see a marked increase in what I can only describe as ‘Old Skool’ Farming methods. Yes, you’ll be picking a spot with a healthy spawn rate (and the chance of additional materials if you’re a gatherer) and doing it until your eyes/fingers bleed… Considering the demands for cookery materials I can see farming certain mob groups becoming very profitable, especially with a side of skinning.

The MoP Mantra (Forewarned is Forearmed) is especially relevant at this point: knowing that you’ll need BoP materials will allow you to make choices with which alts are sent out first. For me, P’s Leatherworking will be the main priority, but I’m going to want Shoulder Enchants to begin raiding, which means N the Priest is likely to be second out of the gates. As she has Enchanting with Inscription I suspect (of my two DE-ers) she’ll be the one getting the most action. I’ll require a gatherer too, as W the Lock will need to be working on both Jewelcrafting and Alchemy. That means a miner/herbalist: step up my RaF Mog Star Hunter. She can also benefit from P’s LW castoffs…

It is at times like this I sometimes wish I only had one main to worry about… :D

5 thoughts on “[BETA] The Multicoloured MoP BoP

  1. I'm really only interested in working on my priest who's my enc/jc. My alts have most of the other professions between them but I'm in no rush. I'll see what happens when things go live though.


  2. The professions news hasn't altered my leveling plan much, partly because I have so few 85s anyway. Kam1.0 will be first out of the gate. She does skinning/LW, and will be able to make some stuff for herself and BTH. Kam2.0 is herbs/inscription so that she wouldn't have to worry about grinding rep for shoulder enchants, and I'm happier about that choice all the time. My Boomkin is also herbs/inscription, so she'll probably be second on that server. Then my alchemy/enchanting DK will have to be next, although she may end up leveling in alternating sessions with my mining/engineering Hunter.


  3. So far with whats in the BETA right now.
    I have been able to level all my crafts to 600 with the exception of Alchy. Finding GL is a pain in the arse !!
    The ways for cooking have also come to a screeching halt with the change to the amount of mats needed.
    I personaly hate hate hate that motes and SOH are BoP !!!!


  4. Remember in the beginning of Cataclysm when every crafted raid gear required a Chaos Orb, which was BoP and was awarded to 1 person at the end of each heroic dungeon?

    I believe this is essentially the same idea as that, but a lot less horrible. Seeing as it stacks to hundreds makes me think that you'll probably pick up little trinkles of these items everywhere, such as dailies, gathering, scenarios, etc. This falls in line with their new valor policy, which is to award valor points everywhere, not just dungeons/LFR.

    Essentially, I believe this is the direct replacement of Chaos Orbs.



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