Right now, I see more of this guy than Guildies. Sad but Truefact :(

Perhaps it is just co-incidence that the WoW Insider Breakfast Topic this morning tackles the question of how to make gold in-game. I know I can’t be the only person who, last week, watched Blizzard stick the price of That Yak up to six figures, baulk, and then start wondering how I was going to afford one without selling a virtual kidney. Having set a (potential) 25k per character target it occurred to me I actually needed to find a way to make it happen. This week therefore has been rather a lot about investigating the possibilities.

I have already learnt some valuable lessons.

Despite loving to farm everything and anything with my hunters, that’s often not the best idea. This has now been proven without a doubt to be the case in Deepholm where my mage is the #1 Best Choice to give the Troggs what is coming to them for inflicting such a hard time on those lovely Earthen chaps. I manage to net nearly twice as much cloth using the patented Potion of Treasure Finding method, plus enough Volatiles on the two trips I did this weekend to set K up for all her Dreamcloth CD’s. That’s cloth for thread or making bags, being piled up nicely for Pandaria, with sales of relevant L78-8- greens from the farming via the AH allowing for a generous contribution to the cause. Job dun!

Hunters it seems are best for providing raw materials, especially dusts and cloth inside lower level instances, where the time it takes to complete them (or where cloth scavenging does not apply) outweighs the use of the Tailor. Then I need one of the Enchanters I have (one on each of my two accounts) to be logged in to provide DE duties. I cannot emphasise enough how useful this is, especially if you have a toon who is quick to use as ‘clearance’ whilst the DE-er sits in Stormwind, grouped together. This is especially true for Northrend heroics, where Abyss Crystals have the capacity to be either sold as is or broken down into base materials using the Abyss Shatter ability. I made a tidy sum overnight via this means, and it has provided more bags for my stockpile.

Looking at my gold totals for the weekend’s faffing, and with the knowledge that I don’t think Blizzard will be announcing a release date any time soon, it is definitely time to make hay while the sun shines…

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