I sat down last night with a large pile of Post-It notes and a plan.

I have a shiny new Warcraft ‘book’, in which I have hand-written a list of what I’d like to do and what I think is achievable before the Pandas arrive. Actually having goals on paper makes them more real than just in my head or on the PC, and it shows me (as I like my visual cues) exactly what I have left to do. This therefore gives me a really good idea of what there is I can still finish in game without a) dying of boredom and b) setting completely unrealistic goals. This means, I know (or have been reminded of) the following:

  • I have 11 L85’s, geared between iLevels of 397 to 360. Two are as well dressed as it is possible to be considering current restrictions. Everyone else now has a clear idea of what items they need to be at the 378 ‘standard’ I have decided on.
  • Four alts have enough Blossoms to make it worthwhile doing some flamework today and tomorrow to grab Captured Flames for storage.
  • I have three transmutes a day I’m not using. This will be remedied.
  • Many alts have secondary professions that need finishing. DON’T MENTION FISHING.

Some of my gearing requirements are fairly specific (weapons for two alts, trinkets for three) and with the two recently-dinged hunters there’s enough slots that need replacing to make running LFG a better option initially to get raid ready. I faffed with the Pally last night and she’s now at 83 and I realise that I’m probably going to need to get a spec that does some actual dps or die of old age before I hit max level. Needless to say, I’m working on it.

There is also a page of ‘this might be an idea if you get really stuck’ suggestions: in no particular order:

  • Look for missing recipes
  • Reach Level Two with either of my Vanity Guilds
  • Sort everyone’s Glyphs out so they have them all learnt before Pandaria
  • Get more pets (especially Mechanical Chickens and BoP hard to find ones)
  • Take Tailor to finish Firelands Dailies so she can make EVEN MORE BAGS
  • Make Water Walking Potions

… plus there are many, many more. However, my first priority this morning is firing up The Secret World and getting started on a new character…

5 thoughts on “If It’s Tuesday…

    Look, I don't think it ought to be blasphemy, just saying Fishing.

    [Shocked] He said it again!

    You're only making it worse for yourself.

    Making it worse? How could it be worse? Fishing, Fishing, Fishing!!

    (Stolen from the Life of Brian)


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