You could make a chair out of Pandas. Hang on, someone’s got there first… ^^

It may not come as a surprise to any of you to hear that I’m not a great fan of waiting for stuff.

I have however accepted (finally) that Blizzard’s not going to rush the release of Mists. We won’t get to see the Cinematic introduction until August 16th, and as it was seven weeks between the Cataclysm Cinematic and release… We could still get lucky, but part of me cannot help but thinking that Blizzard, when they have a plan, will not be dissuaded from their path. Other game releases are irrelevant, they’ll release ‘when they’re ready’. When will that be then? ‘Soon.’

I think we need summat to do while we wait :D

I was away this weekend and took the opportunity whilst away from the game to make some notes. There really are a ton of things that can be done, quite apart from the mundane or immediately obvious. There’s also some RIDICULOUS IDEAS NO DON’T DO IT and we’ll get to them at the end but first, let us deal with some basics:

  • Get the Family geared to an acceptable standard for Mists.

    Once we get to Pandaria, starting area quest rewards are ilevel 372. Currently running Hour of Twilight Heroics rewards 378, LFR slightly higher. I don’t think it would be beyond the realms of practicality therefore to get everyone in 378 as standard. I am especially thinking of trinkets and weapons as high as possible, which would mean pushing everyone towards LFR if I can (yes, I’d do it for the good of the toons!) I’d also want to make sure that everyone is optimised as much as possible: Mr Robot for reforging, but possibly NOT blue gems for the lower end of the family. I can cut greens for slots in those people for whom raiding is not likely to happen, especially as gear is likely to be replaced quite quickly in the early weeks.

  • Set a ‘realistic’ gold goal for each alt.

    With the news that the Traveller’s Yak will now set me back a whopping 120,000g before discounts I find myself thinking that if this is going to be a mount all my toons will benefit from, they all ought to contribute to the cost. To this end I intend to push every character to make 25,000g using their particular skills. This will a) give me some interesting articles for the blog and b) sharpen up my ability to turn over cash in a controlled fashion. I’ll do my best not to use any addons (with the exception of Gatherer which frankly everyone with a gathering profession should own as standard) and I certainly won’t be using any AH ‘helpers’ so hopefully those of you reading who struggle with gold making might be able to pick up some tips and tricks.

    If I can crack this (and assuming we do have a long wait for Mists) that would be enough to buy two Yaks with change for a couple of normal Yak Mounts on top :D

  • Build up an ‘Item Pile’ for sale in Mists.

    I believe the more savvy of gold makers call this stuff  ‘stock’, but don’t mistake me for someone who knows what they are doing :P The Black Market Auction House’s siren song is already calling to me, and there’s (now account-wide) Panther Mounts to consider. YES I KNOW I’M GOING TO NEED TONS OF CASH FOR MISTS, so I may as well be ready to cash in when the flood gates do finally burst open. I won’t be selling my raw materials in those early weeks, so I’ll need something…

I have plenty of gold ideas, some more unconventional than others. I’ll stick my basic plan down here this week, and I’ll be doing my best to capitalise on my sleepy server in the coming weeks to make sure everyone starts their push towards my aims. Right now, with the Darkmoon Faire in town, it is time to make sure everyone who could use the +5 hikes to their profession skills get them. There’s also the matter of Midsummer to consider, with alts wandering about with blossoms which could be converted to pets, and Ice Chips possible in every Ahune bag….

Oh, and if things get really desperate, I could level more alts to max fishing. I have three now, with two others within 30 points of 525…

We could REALLY do with new content VERY SOON… ^^

9 thoughts on “What to Do While We Wait For Pandas (TM)

  1. and I certainly won't be using any AH 'helpers' so hopefully those of you reading who struggle with gold making might be able to pick up some tips and tricks.

    What's the reasoning here? From my experience AH addons (even relatively lightweight ones like Auctionator) help a great deal.


  2. My reasoning? Very simple.

    I don't use AH helpers. I list manually. I price below the lowest item on the AH. If there's nothing up at the AH to compare a price with I just list at what I think is reasonable. I'll undercut people by hundreds of gold if I think they are taking the piss with pricing.

    After 7 years I have found that I make more than enough money when I just do it by hand :D

    This is why I'm never going to be a serious gold maker :P


  3. A lot of the 'helpers' are really just ways to save time or make the information clearer to be honest. I don't do auto-posts as such but I do use auctionator to show where the cheapest prices are at when I post.


  4. I plan to test out my free diablo 3 I ended up with because of the yearly pass.

    Nothing else to do, so might as well give it a try.

    I want nothing to do with WoW any more. I am amazed I still even long in once in a while.

    The game no longer has anything to offer my type of player sadly.


  5. I understand what you mean by posting manually, I was like that my entire first 2 years of playing… I sold every white item I came across when leveling my first toon, and made several hundred gold! (A lot for a first toon still leveling!)

    But I highly recommend Auctionator or Auctioneer solely because it does everything 1,000x faster… you just hit the 'sell' tab, put your item in, it shows you what is currently listed for what price, and it automatically inputs an undercut price, of which you can *manually* change. Then you hit create auction, and bam.

    Also if you want to buy something on AH (herbs or other mats for ex) you go to the 'buy' tab, search for it, and if it's a ton of singles it makes it 2,000x faster to buy them all up via a “buy another?” button that you just spam.

    It's really just a quality of life/time saving matter. You don't have to even use the scan or any other features… I just think time is precious and why not do something twice as fast if you can?

    I'd be sad to think about you sitting there manually checking current auctions, then manually setting your price stats etc… takes a lot longer.


  6. I guess it's the apparent disdain for AH addons that surprised me, as if they're beneath contempt for some reason.

    As Greygamer and Rebecca said, they're just time-savers They don't do anything you can't already do, they just make it quicker and more efficient, the same way that Gatherer makes it quicker and more efficient to keep track of where mining/herb nodes are.


  7. @ Andy: I used to use Auctioneer, but I stopped using it when it became apparent that everyone else on my Server was better at using it than I was :p I've fallen out of love with AH addons as a result, and as I never list enough items to make an autolist programme have a point…

    It isn't 'disdain' of the addons, just a realisation I don't need them in the same way as I use Gatherer. Feel free to refer to me as an Auction Luddite as a result :D


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