…eating Eggy Bread as comfort food as I feel rubbish \o/

Another week, and still no sign of a release date. At least I have the Fire Festival to distract me from the complete lack of actual content. As a result, I suspect the following will be the way things go until the weekend (FAIRE SATURDAY, won’t be here but will start on Sunday)

  • Ahune runs for possible pettage, blossom pileage and the chance to mine/herb in an instance. Almost got a stack of Adamantite and Ancient Lichen :p
  • Once enough blossoms are acquired, will go honour/desecrate some fires to stack up 350 for pets.
  • Once we reset tomorrow morning, Horde Hunter goes all out to get to 378 ilevel with the Mogged #4 Hunter. Priest needs a trinket upgrade. This likely means some LFR. I AM A FOOL.
  • Banks need a proper sort. Dump all the stuff I won’t need for levelling. Start stockpiling the stuff I do. CLOTH I AM LOOKING AT YOU.
  • Rearrange action bars on rogues so they are the same. Am getting confused.
  • Level cookery on the remaining 4 alts, who all need 15 points or less. Yes I know its probably a waste of time. WELCOME TO MY WORLD.

3 thoughts on “This Week I Will Be Mostly…

  1. /headdesk I just realized that although mini-Kam can fish the fishies she needs to provide herself with raid food, she's still a long way from being able to cook them for herself. Guess I'd better see about leveling some cooking….

    I actually keep a notecard with the action bars for my Mages written on it, so that I can keep them all the same. Come to think of it, I should edit that notecard (or just make a new one) to have the three specs separate, because the card is starting to get kind of confusing and muddled.


  2. Good to see I am not the only person scraping the barrel for something to do. I used to like Midsummer, but the Boss is too easy and there is not much reward for a 15 minute queue. Herbs and Ores are ofc a nice bonus.


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