I am still not right, but I am making the most of the situation as this weekend is going to be hard work and its probably an idea to try and enjoy myself beforehand. I’d rather be playing The Secret World on its release, lets be honest, but instead I have Inlaw Duties. Needless to say, you will get a review on my return. I’m still basking in the glow of Blizzard’s climb down over account wide ‘gold sink’ mounts from last night, which is great news for everyone in The Family. Each toon will have access to a repair mount and a multi-person flying mount come Pandaria. That makes me happy.

Sunset over Dragonblight. Just because.

I’m also looking for the best in the Midsummer Festival. As is nearly always the case, the two alts who could actually use a cloak upgrade (meaning I can avoid the rubbish Thrall questline) haven’t even got to the /roll stage. However, thanks to faffing last night (as it was all I was capable of) there are two Captured Flames in the Vanity Bank from blossom gathering. I noted this on Twitter and its worth repeating: the pets are Unique, which means if you intend on sending them to a bankalt to sell they can only hold one at a time in bags. However you can store multiples in a Guild Bank. I think this might be a deliberate move on Blizzard’s part to try and prevent stockpiling or to push people doing so into spending money on Vanity banks. We will see if this is the start of a trend.

I managed to snag a spare Ice Chip (saved) and a Scythe on P. There is one overriding benefit for the Scythe as a mogging weapon: it will hide any weapon enchant glow and instead show its default icy chill. Therefore I felt duty bound to replace my current weapon mog, as it transpires the Scythe goes rather well with the existing outfit:

New pet insists on muscling in on shot…

I am going to miss having a hand weapon in Pandaria, if only for the opportunity to show off a complimentary look. I wonder (and I should check) whether guns will show permanently: I am doubting it, and it will be a bit of a loss, if only in vanity terms.

I will do a ‘This Week, I Will Be Mostly…’ post later today but for now I am going to drag my sorry behind to the gym in the vain hope it might make me feel better… ^^

3 thoughts on “Beauty in All Things

  1. As for the guns, I seem to recall blizz saying ranged weps will show permanently but they haven't added it to the beta yet.


  2. I was happy when I read that as well. It eliminates the having to choose which toon to buy it on that they had said originally was the whole purpose of account wide achievements and mounts.


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