I am bored with my main’s mogged outfit. I therefore have done something very stupid.

Red Five Standing By… :D

In gathering terms its not totally impossible to compile. I need one of the low drop items from Scholo (I own the other two) and the belt is a drop from ZA. Boots are a low % from Blackrock Depths. Even the staff shouldn’t be a total disaster to grab: the rest are (reasonably) common or AH farming, or items I already own.

I really wanted to use the black mail trousers on my main, since I got them on the Gathering Hunter.

I also realise I have no weapon selected for this ensemble, but there are a number of guns in Void Storage that will go very nicely with this red and black look. I will update once I decide what I’m using.

This should provide quite a challenge in the gathering, and you KNOW how I like a challenge :P

Items are as follows:

  • Hero’s Pauldrons
  • Bloodmoon Cloak
  • Bloodmail Hauberk
  • Sawbones Shirt
  • Ravager’s Handwraps
  • Waistband of Hexes
  • Bloodmail Legguards
  • Greaves of Withering Dispair
  • Bloodfire Greatstaff

News on the outfit as it is created :D

2 thoughts on “Not the Best Idea…

  1. Nav is right. The first outfit I built for my Hunter called for Shoulders from The Curator in Kara and gloves (I think) from Sunwell.

    …to say nothing of the remainder of the outfit. Or my Paladin who needs three or four pieces from Vault of Archavon. lol


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