Four Night Elves and a Dwarf. This may not end well… ^^

Finally, after over a week of poking things with pointy sticks, you are ready to proceed to the final stage of Argent Tomfoolery. As it happens, hitting Champion status is probably the best thing that can happen to you in Tournament terms: suddenly you start earning those all-important Champion’s Seals and the mind numbingly tedious grind the exciting world of jousting gets even more attractive. There’s even free gifts, as you will now see as we conclude our Guide.

Stage 3: Champions. Poking Skeletal Dragons, Accumulating Reputation and Making Money.

Becoming an Argent Champion not only confers on you an Achievement (which is also the case when you make Valiant) it can also, depending on your Reputation, reward you with a second Achievement (Exalted Champion) with your own faction. There is also (finally) the first look at Champion’s Seals: you’ll get 10 for completing this quest, and an added bonus: an Argent Squire (or a Grunt, dependant on faction) He counts as a pet (which seems a tad unfair) and is pretty much a cosmetic accessory, but he can be upgraded to act as a vendor, a mailbox or even a portable bank. However, to do this you’ll need to be Exalted with the Argent Crusade first. Curses!

This is why reputation grinds are a royal pain…

If you’re coming to this grind cold, don’t worry about this vendor, or the Sunreaver-specific vendor in your faction pavillion. You will eventually grind enough rep by doing dailies to get Exalted with them both, after which there will be a selection of mounts/pets to purchase. There’s also a useful Tabard for 50 seals that acts as a direct teleport to the Tournament, but we’re not spending Seals on such fripperies. We want pets, and to get them we’ll finally be given a set of dailies that reward us with the currency that counts.

Hello Boys (and Girls). Did you miss me?

Four new dailies appear at Champion level, available from this group in the main Argent Pavillion. You’ll still be able to do the Faction-specific ones too: championing your own faction’s cause opens up the remaining races, and you can choose whoever you like to continue with for another 25 Aspirant’s Seals. That part of the grind remains constant until you’ve completed every one of your home races grinds. Eadric and his posse throw the following tasks into the mix:

  • Joust 4 Champions (either faction) in the biggest ring at the Tournament
  • Kill 15 Cult of the Damned members in the small camp to the west of the Argent Pavillion. In fact, ANY Cult members in Icecrown will count towards this total.
  • Kill 3 Boneguard Commanders at the Argent Crusade camp at Corp’rethar
  • Dispatch a large Frostwyrm (known locally as Chillmaw) plus the three Cultists accompanying him.

I’ll admit here that I don’t bother with the Commanders, because even at 85 they are a pig to solo: if you’re questing with someone however these guys are worth doing for an extra seal a day. Killing Chillmaw will reward you with 2 seals, and at 85 most classes should have little trouble dispatching him and his entourage. The Cult guys drop a decent range of greens, I’ve had some blues, and they’re also worthwhile for cloth, and their respawn rate makes the area a decent farm regardless.

You are rewarded for these quests with a choice of either a Gold Purse or a Champion’s Writ. Back when this content was current, the Writ was a great way to get 250 rep with a home faction that did not involve grinding horrendous amounts of cloth. Now, the Writs are largely pointless, and I’d strongly suggest the Purse as it contains an additional Seal. That means, at this stage, you can earn six seals a day (seven if you decide to do the Commanders) This does not seem like many, but this number increases as your rep with the Sunreavers and the Argent Crusade builds up:

  • Becoming Exalted with the Sunreavers opens up 3 new quests in your Home Pavillion.
  • Becoming Exalted with the Argent Crusade opens up 2 new quests in the Argent Pavillion.

For details of the quests themselves (which involve killing mobs on and around the Tournament area and collecting items from the same) there’s a fairly comprehensive list on WoWWiki. Needless to say, there is nothing particularly difficult to grasp, if you’re now able to manage the jousting on your own.

This is the hardest bit, and by now you should be an expert :D

That’s basically how it works: once you have championed every one of your home factions you’ll get another Achievement, and that’s it, you never need to visit your home pavilion again, except to pick up pets.

One pet is 40 seals. Not a lot of work if you’re patient :D

At this point, the only restriction on your ability to collect is time and patience. I’m currently farming both factions with Hunters, and once P has her 3 remaining mounts she’ll go back to doing the dailies for pets. Keep your fingers crossed that the faction mounts will one day stop being Soulbound and become BOE… :D

2 thoughts on “Facerolling Old Content for Profit and Pleasure :: The Argent Tournament, Part the Third.

  1. That's a really detailed and informative guide – thank you!

    Discounting the initial grind to access the dailies, how long on average would you say it takes to gather the 40 seals needed for a pet?

    It's all about the gold/hour – “Time is money friend!”


  2. @Gen: all gonna depend on where you are in the grind. Worst case scenario, starting from scratch… 10 from the Champion reward, 30 from dailies… about 8 days for the first pet I think. After that, and with more rep, it's between 12-14 seals a day, so you could expect to net a pet every 4 days or so.


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