Get used to this view. WTB [AOE Looting], PST!

Yesterday we began our look back at the Crusade with the details on how to get people started: today, we’re going to assume you managed to stay awake for the three days of Aspirants quests, biffed an NPC with sufficient skill to make him concede your awesomeness, and that you’re now in a position to start part two of your training. No longer are we stuck at the bottom of the jousting Food Chain, and we can call ourselves (reasonably) competent as we head into the Land of the Valiant.

Stage 2: Valiants. Poking Things in Many Places.

There’s a theme here. Ladies with unwanted weaponry, step forward…!

Completing the Aspirant chain will open up a series of quests with (initially) your home faction. Once you have done these for five days (and earned the 25 seals you require to progress) you’ll have the opportunity to do it all over again with all the other races in said faction. That means TWENTY FIVE days of questing, for those of you who like to know exactly what you are getting landed with, and there is very little variation in the choice of activities. To summarise, you’ll be expected to do the following:

  • Kill 10 Converted Heroes in Icecrown (see picture one above) On the plus side these guys are decent droppers of Frostweave cloth (if you’re a tailor) but don’t expect any greens, as they’ve been removed (presumably because so many people farm them for cloth)
  • Recover one of three swords from one of three women in mortal peril from drowning, frostbite and.. er.. frogs. Kissing frogs used to be the bane of many people’s existences back in the day. It’s still a royal pain, but you’ll get used to it.
  •  Two sets of jousting quests. Yes, TWO SETS.

Ready for action at Corp’rethar. 3 shields = GOOD.

The first involves you travelling to the Crusade Forward Camp and is a bit of a wake up call for learning to joust with ‘real’ mobs. You need to eliminate 10 Boneguard Scouts, 15 Boneguard Footmen and 3 Boneguard Lieutenants. There is an additional quest (available once you’ve done five days of  Valiant quests and defeated your first Champion) which asks you to kill 3 Boneguard Commanders as well but even at 85 I can’t do this without help, so I would suggest concentrating on the less tricky mobs:

  • Two hits on the Scouts using your Shield Breaker is enough to finish them easily: some are low enough to the ground that you can Charge them and kill them in one hit.
  • The Scouts will die when you run over them with your mount.
  • Lieutenants will die with a couple of charges, or a combination of charge and shield breaker. If they get to melee range, keep shields up and use Thrust. They will die eventually.

Once that’s out of the way, it is time to stick yourself in your Faction’s specific Jousting ring and slap about three of the other NPC combatants:

Action shot! Everything’s on CD! You’re gonna get it Orc-Boy!

If all else fails, when you start jousting, I suggest staying in melee range, keeping your shields green, and just slowly melee-ing your opponents to death with Thrust. It will take a while but you will win: even at 85 you are dependant on breaking down your opponent’s shields to cause damage. If you can get confident enough to get some distance between them and you to throw a Shield-Breaker, so much the better, and this won’t take long.

That will be your life for five days: still you’ll not see a Seal, or indeed be able to buy anything from your faction-specific vendor. Once you accumulate 25 Marks you’ll be sent to a bigger ring to beat up a new (and slightly harder) Argent Champion. Do that, and finally we are getting somewhere. Part Three tomorrow will cover Champion quests, where things finally begin to be profitable :D

A Note on Reputation.

If you are trying to earn Guild Rep, you really should do all these quests with a Tabard on, because even at 85 they’ll give you something. You’ll also earn reputation with the Sunreaver-specific faction you’re allied to, plus a healthy slab of Argent Crusade kudos to boot (both of which will open up further pet and mount options as you go along) The added bonus are the reputation gains you’ll garner for the factions under the umbrella of the Horde Expedition/Alliance Vanguard. If you are looking for a way to kill many birds with one stone in terms of finishing off faction reputation, this is the place to be.

4 thoughts on “Facerolling Old Content for Profit and Pleasure :: The Argent Tournament, Part the Second.

  1. One thing to remember with the Boneguard Commanders (and Lieutenants) is to not attack them near the Scouts — the Scouts' electric beam thing knocks a shield off you, which obviously makes things a lot harder. If you can get a Commander by himself he won't be too hard, from what I remember. Still a pain, and I thought they seemed a bit more aggressive than the Champions back at the tournament ground.


  2. Thank you so much for posting about this!!! I just play solo for fun and even though I'm an 85 I still feel like a noob half the time because people expect you to know how to do everything perfectly – which I don't!!! These kind of posts are really helpful! Kinda like 'WOW for Dummies'!!!! Just my speed….hey, that would be a good book to write…..Anyway, just found your blog and already love it!!! Keep up with these kind of posts please!!! :) Some dungeons would be cool too, if you do any of those – I usually don't because I'm afraid I'll get booted I'm 'new' to the dungeon….


  3. Thank you for posting this! It's been very helpful and I appreciate the readers comments as well. This is the third attempt in posting a comment *crosses fingers* I hope it comes through :)


  4. @Iometa: This has been a blast, frankly. I've really enjoyed having to pull my knowledge together into something coherent, and I'm really glad you're finding it useful. Its easy to forget that other people haven't been doing this as long as I have and what is second nature to some can be hard work for others.

    Part Three is coming up later, when things finally get interesting (and you get Seals!)


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