Today, it has been all about the Bucket List.

A ding is still a ding, regardless of where.

The Horde Hunter is 85, and after a day of pretty much solid back to back Heroics is up to 348 ilevel. Gear is a total mess, but I made a ton of cash and when gear is decent it will get some love. For now I will cope with variable quality LFG and if I can pull 12k in this gear you can moan at me all you like for the lack of attention on my outfit, especially if I’m carrying your sorry ass.

Oh, and it really isn’t the healers fault if the dps stand in crap and die because they don’t move. I’m sorry, I was eating some bread at the time ^^

Then, when I’d done all that, it was finally time to sort out the new Support Network.

Redefining elegance in STV. Hordie needs some shades.

As the first Horde pet has rolled out of the Argent Tournament, I realised it was time to reset the STV Neutral AH Team. There were 11 items in total on the AH this afternoon, so I doubt I’ll have any issues with transferring stuffs, and now both L1’s have appropriate baggage to store stuffs when not doing the Shuffle between factions. The Hordie will be stockpiling items for my Horde Rogue to DE (looking increasingly likely that Goblin lass will make it to 85 before the Expansion) but for now they’ll be moving any high value items across for sale.

It’s been a quiet day otherwise, but I still intend to put the Druid into storage tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “International Pro-Celebrity Faffing.

  1. Dear Godmother,

    A new reader here; referred from WoW Insider and I've enjoyed reading you blog this week. I, too am going through a Bucket List of collecting mounts and recipes for my alts. I've tried doing the Argent Tournaments several times on my spriest and just can't seem to get rolling on it. I've tried guides from a variety of websites, since the end of Wrath and failed miserably. Would you have any suggestions or ideas?


  2. Hmmm, I am thinking you need to exercise care on the Neutral AH if there are so few auctions up…

    Surely that makes it easier to snipe things if peeps are lurking?


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