Even back when this content was current, I was on my own… ^^

Patch 3.1. Blimey, those were the days. No-one had even considered a fiery end to the world back then because Arthas was going to turn us all into frozen lollies or mindless drones (and possibly both). In the halcyon days of Wrath, there was nothing better to do than joust… and ironically, that’s still the case. Every day, for quite some time now, I’ve been going back to the Tournament to earn the currency that matters, the Champion’s Seal, that will buy me not only mounts but BoE pets to use as investment currency for the onset of Pandaria.

Starting out is actually the hardest part, because it involves jousting. It’s taken me from 3.1 until now to get good at it, so be warned: if you have a problem with vehicle-based combat, this is going to be tough going. If you can make it through the first three days, you’re laughing. With the help of my recently-dinged Hordie for screenies, let us break down what you will need to grasp.

Stage 1: Aspirants. Getting the Hang of Poking Things.

The Starting quest-givers in the Horde tent. Mogging gear needs work, guys ^^

Once you start at the Tournament, your options are pretty limited. It will be three days before you can start on anything constructive in terms of collecting stuff, and another five days after that before you can get access to any pets. So, that’s EIGHT DAYS of doing quests for no discernible gain: if you are the kind of person who gets frustrated easily and isn’t overly patient, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Assuming you are in for the long haul, you’ll spend the next three days with these guys above (or their Alliance counterparts) They will offer you an initial set of three quests:

  • Mastery of Melee
  • Mastery of the Charge
  • Mastery of the Shield-Breaker

These are all designed to get you savvy with your mounted combat skillz, and are really rather boring until you grasp that you’ll need to do these repeatedly to progress, so it really is worth taking the time to learn how to use them all.

My mounted combat bar. Appearance may vary :D Feet are optional.

I can’t teach you how to joust (but check the comments for some top tips from pro jousters!). I’ve only just grasped it myself, so all I can do is point out how important mastering the basics will be to succeeding (and thus raking in seals) as you go along. Mastery of Melee helps you use ability one on the bar (Thrust), Mastery of the Charge is for ability three (Charge) and Mastery of the Shield Breaker is ability two (guess what its called ^^) This is the basis of your time on whatever mount you find yourself with: at the start you have training wheels and basic mounts only, but as time (and your reputation) increases, you’ll get more choice. Ability four is the other ability you need to grasp: Defend. It stacks up to 3 times and the number of stacks is indicated by the number (and colour) of shields around you:

  • 1 Charge = Red
  • 2 Charges = Yellow
  • 3 Charges = Green

This is how you defend yourself against the NPC’s you will fight, and its never really made clear anywhere in your training how important the shields are, until you come to fight someone else and not the targets. Keep 3 charges up AT ALL TIMES: this equates to a 90% damage mitigation. You will lose a shield charge every time you charge or are attacked. Refresh as soon as the ability comes off cooldown.

Ability 5 is important, but only at the end of a fight. It’s a one minute CD self-heal. Use it when OOC to keep your mount (and by definition yourself) alive.

In your first three days, you will earn cash for your efforts, plus rep with the Silver Covenant faction you’re aligned with (I’m not sure whether you get Argent Crusade rep as well, I’ll need to start a new toon to check this and so will update tomorrow). This rep is important in relation to the quests that will open up to you later and the seals you can access for pets: if you’re coming to the Tournament at 85 and you’ve not done Northrend quests (or indeed are not yet exalted with the Crusade from the questlines in EPL) you may wish to look at ways of increasing your reputation with both factions in tandom.

After three days of learning the ropes by repeating your basic skills (plus a choice of one of three ‘find me a sword by doing x’ quests that you’ll see again in Part Two) you’ll be sent to a section of the Tournament to complete Up to the Challenge where you’ll need to show you grasped all the basics and defeat an NPC jouster. I’ll let you into a secret, this took me four hours the first time I did it. If you can’t progress though this the next bits will be hard work so its worth making sure you’re comfortable with what is being asked of you.

You’ll also be given a side quest (The Black Knight of Westfall/The Black Knight of Silverpine) which is worth completing not just for the extra cash but for the reputation. Once done, you’ll come back to this once you make it through Stage Two, which we’ll look at tomorrow.

It can be quite disheartening when you start out, especially as you’ll be waiting for a week to see any discernible progression for your efforts. Needless to say, it is worth sticking with these early days. Certain tournament pets are selling in excess of 5000g on my server. I’m sure they’ll be worth more when the expansion hits because there’s no-one else on my server right now doing these dailies…

6 thoughts on “Facerolling Old Content for Profit and Pleasure :: The Argent Tournament, Part the First.

  1. The thing I found helped the most with the jousting is having a friend come along to DPS your foe. If you just concentrate on breaking their shields, your DPSer chum can nuke the opponent down in no time.


  2. I HATED jousting at first. Absolutely hated it. By the time I'd gotten enough champion's seals for both mounts from my faction and that pretty Argent Hippogryph, though, I'd gotten enough practice with it to be comfortable with it. I wouldn't say I'm expert at it, and I don't defeat my opponents particularly quickly, but I do survive a lot better than I used to! Keeping the shield refreshed on CD is indeed very important, and if my opponent is running away to charge and my shields are low and still on CD (because I got knocked down to 1 and just hit it to get 2 and am waiting to get to 3 again), I will chase them down and poke them rather than letting them get to charging distance.

    Now, when I go to the tournament, I always do the arena jousting quests — but I still hate the jousting down in the ICC courtyard and won't do those quests :P That does make the going slower for collecting seals, though.


  3. Here's my foolproof, never-lose-even-to-the-champions thoughts on jousting…
    Shields up at all times (unless you're going for the kill – see below). Stay up close and personal, spamming thrust unless/until your opponent backs away, preparing to charge, in which case do the same – i.e. back away or sideslip in the opposite direction, so you get range faster than your opponent is 'expecting', or 'programmed for'. As soon as you're in Shield Breaker range, hit it, twice if you can… then depending on the relative strengths of your shields, either charge or close back in again. Shield Breaker does decent damage on its own, but getting charged hurts too. So, kinda use the brief window of Shield Breaker that opens when you back away, to build up a healthy lead. Once you're 50% ahead in health over your opponent, you can get more expansive and circle, shield break and charge to finish them off (even at the expense of your own Defend, if it's nearly a kill already), but if it's a tight fight, stay close at all times.

    All of that said, it's not possible to claim dual-box credit for jousting, unlike all the other Tournament Dailies, so I rarely do it these days.


  4. The trick is just learning the distance that you can use the charge and shield break abilities from. Start the fight spamming charge to get in the first hit, and as you ride through them from the charge jump and spin around and cast shield breaker. When you jump and spin you want to do so right at the range where you can cast the ability (either charge or shield breaker) so that you get it off while you've immediately closed the distance so they can't charge you. You may get charged occasionally but it's not a big deal, just stay close and stack your shield back up. Whenever charge is off cd run out just far enough to charge back, and when charge is on cd run out and do the jump spin shield breaker. As someone else said the whole key is to be close enough to them so they don't get any charges or shield breakers off, and only get further away when you are getting your charges and shield breakers off. Doing it this way I can finish off all four champions seals in just a few minutes without healing and still over half life left.


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