Once upon a time…

Today’s been rather a splendid day on Twitter, if truth be told.

One of the topics that has surfaced, via is in reference to character age. He is asking people when they achieved their first max level toon: for some people that means a 70, an 80 or an 85. Not here. We go back to 60, and that is, as I discovered today, quite a long way.

P, who is still my Main, became a L60 Dwarven Hunter on September 8th 2005.

My husband had beaten me to the punch by a full week. I am at a loss to remember why (I thought it might be because I was levelling the Lock, but it transpires she didn’t exist until January of 2006) but I’m pretty certain I levelled in the Burning Steppes, farming dragons for Leatherworking. This made me go off and see if I could unearth an old screenshot… I can go back three years without too much of an issue, but before that… I have to head to the garage. Watch this space.

Needless to say, if you want a crankly old git who’s played this game since the Dinosaurs really did roam Un’Goro, I’m yer lass.

Get orf moi land! :D

3 thoughts on “Bloody Old (and Proud)

  1. Love seeing old screen shots. Good luck finding them.

    I do not go back that far but sometimes I sure do sound like the grumpy old man that used to have to walk to school each day, uphill, in the snow, both ways. :P


  2. Just checked my account and it turns out I started my trial on 28th May 2005!

    I am still playing him as my main today… and still count the day that I bumped into your hubby in the Hinterlands at the Altar of Zul and found out about your Guild as the my “Best Day in WOW” :D


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