Yes, I would like to keep this quest reward…

I have been faffing everywhere today, not simply in game. As I started attacking the Giant Mess that is our house right now it occurred to me that I could do a lot worse than put a load of stuff into storage… and that’s not just the contents of drawers and what’s on hangers. There’s a fair number of 85’s who aren’t likely to see the light of day until Pandaria, at least not with the frequency of the main and the money making alts. Thus, this weekend I have decided I’ll be storing some of my characters away until the Expansion.

I’ll do a proper post on my Packing Rituals tomorrow, but for now I took my first alt to be stored, the Gatherer Worgen Druid, and looked at her Quest Log to see what I could reasonably complete in a day and what would need to be dropped. As it transpires (and the above screenie shows) she was two-thirds of the way through the three quests that reward the Mechanical Chicken: needless to say, that one was worth knocking out this afternoon (and netted a fair bit of leather as I chose to kill yetis and whelps in Ferelas) Tomorrow I’ll set about the business of seriously packing her up and putting her away.

Tonight however I suspect I’ll simply do a Circuit of Disappointment on the Hunter and then collapse in a badly-organised heap… :/

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