Darnassian Nightsaber. Gonna look good with my Rogue’s grey mogfit.

Today I finally had enough Crusaders Seals to start making a dent in the outstanding Tournament Mounts. I suspect this will become a popular ride for my Dwarf Rogue.

This then leaves me with the following outstanding mounts:

  • Ironforge Ram 
  • Stormwind Steed
  • Quel’dorei Steed

which will require a further 300 Seals. I will be up in Icecrown for some time yet. It will also get me to 138 mounts, after which my options begin to further narrow. The Grand Ice Mammoth from the Sons of Holdir still remains unpurchased, so I’ll save for that while I grind, making 139 when I’m finally done.

That then leaves a select group which I can a) attempt to solo farm or b) will require some help:

  • Azure Drake Mount & Blue Drake Mount (Malygos)
  • Blue Proto Drake (Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, Skadi)
  • Dark War Talbuk (Halaa PvP)
  • Raven Lord Anzu (Heroic Sethekk Halls)
  • Twilight Drake (25 Man OS3D)
  • Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank (Archaeology)

After that we’re talking Meta Achievements, Time Machines or Lottery Wins, and I doubt any of those are likely to materialise any time soon. 145 mounts looks as if it is the achievable cut off point.

No, I’ve not considered the TLPD. I’m just not going there :D

4 thoughts on “#135

  1. Grats on the 'saber! I'd like to say I'm stopping at 141, but I honestly wouldn't know what to do in game if I wasn't at least half-heartedly working on some highly improbable mount drop. There are so many long-shot raid and Cata-heroics drop mounts that you just can't be trying for all of them all the time…for some reason TK and Maly are the places I can currently get people to agree to run. I'm sad to admit that one the biggest excitements for me in a new expansion is that more previous content becomes soloable! (Damn it all that I'm a priest instead of DK/hunter/pally.)


  2. Ahh … I started doing dailies here with my priestie a few months ago. Lasted about two weeks before dropping it due to laziness. Really, really need to get back into it … there are PETS to be gained.

    Congratulations on your mount! :D


  3. I just started doing the tournament again. I had done it quite a bit at 80 and stopped once I got all the achievements at the time because it was kind of a pain. Started doing it again last week and going to try and wrap up everything there before MoP drops.


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